Let the Projects Begin

August 6th, 2016

Last year when a good friend of mine moved from the area- I bought a few of the things she was leaving behind in the move.    One of those ‘things’ was an old window frame, with the windows still fully intact.    I knew I would do something with it, but what ‘something’ would be remained to be seen at that time.

Fast-forward more than a year later and I’ve finally figured out where it’s going and what exactly I’m going to do with it.      I picked up some Annie Sloan chalk paint in the color Burgundy, which reminded me of a deep, cranberry red.  It’s a color that I love, plus it goes well with everything else in our living area.    We did some painting earlier this year, and when the guy finished, I decided not to hang any paintings back on the wall because I wanted to change things.   The window is part of that change.

Last week I started the prep-work for painting the window.  I sanded any rough areas, and cleaned everything really well.    Since then I’ve been waiting for the weather to be good enough to permit me to go further, and today was that day.    After a cake delivery this morning, and a breakfast of fresh fruit, Greek yogurt and coffee out on the veranda, I decided to get to work.

Since I have never worked with Annie Sloan chalk paint before, I decided to begin with the back of the window, the side that will be against the wall, so that I could get used to working with the paint.    I did two coats- and it dried fairly quick, but I wasn’t thrilled with the results of the brush I was using.  It was ‘ok’, but not as smooth as I was hoping.   I cleaned my brush, put everything away, then did some Googling to see if I should be using something different.   As it turns out, I was.    One quick trip to the hardware store and I am now armed with the right brush and ready to continue the journey tomorrow.

Since I’ll be doing some traveling next week, I’m hoping to get lucky with tomorrow’s weather and be able to get the painting finished and the waxing done tomorrow-   that way it can sit and cure while I’m gone and be ready for hanging when we return.

I’m SO curious to see the finished product.  Once that’s done, I’ll be moving on to the next thing on my Annie Sloan ‘to do’ list-  and that’s paint some shelves that are in the living room.

Have you ever used Annie Sloan chalk paint?  What was your experience with it?    I’ll make sure to share the photos when I’m done.



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