Let the Fun Begin

December 1st, 2013

December first-  The last month of the year, but the beginning of a month of fun and festivities leading up to Christmas!    In honor of just that- and just because we can, Marcel and I are headed off for a little vacation, starting tomorrow.   We’ve both (mostly me) been wanting to get to another German Christmas market for a while, so we’re going to head that way.   Munster and Bremen are both relatively close to each other, and both promise to have something that I know we will love.    In addition, we’ve got a few other things planned while we are away, including some quiet time on the water at the villa we’re staying in.

I love traveling, and even more, I love relaxed travel, which is exactly what this should be.    The only thing missing will be a little fireplace, as the temps in Germany are supposed to take a nose dive-  but nothing a blanket won’t cure.

I’m sure I’ll be posting photos upon my return- or maybe even a ‘on location’ post from there.    This month is going to be one for the record books.. I can feel it.   So many great things to look forward to.

This has been a year of lessons and learning-  not only about myself, but about others.   It’s been a huge gift and I’m grateful.

Now, let the fun begin!

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