Let the BBQ Season Begin

June 6th, 2014

Earlier this week we had dinner at a good friends.   We used a stone grill and cooked our food ‘on table’ as we enjoyed a few salads, breads and other delicious foods.   It is always a fun time, and the company made it even better.

This weekend (and next) we’ve been invited to two different BBQ’s, and I’m excited about both.     One is Sunday, and it will be a small group- with people who have the potential to be friends.    They live nearby, so that’s also a plus.    Tomorrow I’ll pop over to the market and pick up some fresh fruits- and whip up a fruit salad to take, and I’ll also make my potato salad, which I originally got the idea from Shelley-   who has been making hers with bacon and olives for many years.  It’s my ‘go to’ potato salad, and since I don’t eat it often, I’ll even enjoy a spoonful myself.

Next weekend-   different friends, but again local, so it will be a great time.   I love these girls- and it was great to find that I had someone I had so much in common with, literally around the corner.   Southwestern Quinoa salad and a little fruit salad will make its appearance there.      I love this time of year.

What’s your favorite BBQ fare?

2 Responses to “Let the BBQ Season Begin”

  1. Scott Park says:

    Steaks, of course. I prefer a bacon wrapped filet (medium rare, while K likes a NY strip (med well). That and a baked potato and I’m a happy boy. :)

  2. admin says:

    Scott- I’m with you on this- I’m a filet girl myself. YUM~

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