Learning Something New

August 24th, 2016

My brother is in the process of building a new home, so I haven’t talked to him as often as I usually do. The other day I gave him a call, and while he was giving me an update he started talking about vapor mitigation and he lost me. I interrupted him in the midst of a technical explanation that sounded ‘Greek’ to me, so that I could have him explain it more in terms that his dear sister would understand. Granted, he laughed at the idea of me not having knowledge of something and him actually having to explain it to ‘big sis’, but he did explain it well enough that I got the gist of what he was trying to explain.

Since I’ve never built a home from the ground up- or had one built, I really didn’t know that sometimes you need to have things tested for specific sorts of toxic gases. I asked a lot of questions, some of which he had answers to and some he didn’t. When I could tell he was getting frustrated at my endless questions, I gave it a rest and asked him something much less time consuming to answer: What color scheme are you using in the house? He did send me some photos and I’ll admit it made me homesick and wishing I could be there to help when they get ready to move in, plus to help decorate and do little things that need to be done along the way. It’s one of the many things I miss out on by not living nearby. Thank goodness for technology which allows me not only to talk to my family and friends regularly, but also allows me to easily look up information about subjects that I have no knowledge about.

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