Laughter is the Best Medicine

August 14th, 2009

Desere and Hein just left, and Marcel is outside smoking so I thought I’d drop a few notes before I turn off my computer for the day. Their visit was a short, but good one, filled with lots of laughter.

We hid in the guest room from Marcel and when he came in, we had the door cracked and was watching him try to figure out where we were, and then jumped out and said HEYYYY! hahah It was funny.

We talked about a few situations that have made us laugh lately, talked about our possible new puppy and pet beds that will accomodate both new puppy and Mister M. I’m convinced they’ll be pals and want to curl up beside each other, at least part of the time.

Tomorrow is Marcel’s day off, and we are planning an early morning bike ride if the weather permits, plus from there we’re going to do whatever it is that “I” want to do, although I have no idea what that will be. Guess tomorrow will tell.

Happy weekend everyone!

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