Kitties, Kitties and Yes, More Kitties

January 8th, 2011

  Several days ago, I mentioned that I was going to try to get a few shots of the kittens.    They were in the top of the barn for almost two months, but a few days ago diddy went out to feed them and two of them had made their way down the stairs.   He decided that if he put them back up there- that they’d find their way down again, so he moved them all downstairs.   I’m crossing my fingers and saying a prayer that no coyotes or other preditory animals take them away and kill them.

These kittens are hard to keep up with.  The bottom of the barn is an entirely new world waiting to be discovered and they are constantly running from one place to the other.   Getting pictures is difficult, but on my first attempt, I did manage to get a couple.   I haven’t edited these other than resizing them and adding my website name, so they are far from perfect, but I think they are pretty cute. 

This is the calico female and she is probably the funniest of the three.   I think I’ll name her Callie and when you go out to the barn she runs and tries to climb your pants leg, or will bite your shoes.  She’s hilarious and I love her personality.

This is kitty number two, who doesn’t really have a name-   I think I should call him Oreo or some other equally original name haha..    I’m pretty sure he’s a “HE” and he’s definitely the dominant force.  He doesn’t like to share his food and will crowd the other kitties out if he can get away with it.   He thought he was hiding in a flower pot, waiting to pounce Callie, but she saw him long before he thought she did.

Last but not least is Persimmon-  I call them Percy.  I named them that because of the orange color and truth of the matter is- I haven’t checked to see if it’s a male or female.   Percy is also a really sweet kitty but tends to be the one who is also the most skiddish of people.     I have to say that in case you have’nt noticed, I’m pretty attached to them and will hate leaving them when we have to go home.

3 Responses to “Kitties, Kitties and Yes, More Kitties”

  1. Maggie says:

    Oh, I want one.. They are so gorgeous!!

  2. Dorrie says:

    I adore that top photo!

  3. admin says:

    They are precious Maggie- and so full of energy and life.

    Thank you Dorrie- That’s my favorite of the three kittens.

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