Kitchen Disasters- Well Almost

August 18th, 2011

I have my first cupcake order to fill tomorrow (Black Forest Cupcakes), so I was getting a few things prepped to make my life easier when tomorrow rolls around.  I’d measured out the dry ingredients and made the cherry pie filling so that I could have it in the fridge cooling overnight-   I figured it was much easier than trying to do it all tomorrow.   

I bought some dark chocolate to shave and put on the top of the cupcakes but it wasn’t quite shaving the way I had anticipated (probably because of the high cocoa content) so I decided to heat it for a second in the mircowave.   I did that and it was doing much better, but still not quite as good as I needed, so I put it in again.   I may have left it in there 10 seconds, but that was 10 seconds too long, because when I picked the bar up- the middle melted out onto the plate in the microwave.  

Ooops!    Needless to say that piece (thankfully it was small) was no longer useful for the shavings, but I still had more.  I didn’t attempt to use the microwave again, but I still think I got enough shavings for the cucpakes-  If not- I’ll try again tomorrow with another bar.

So be careful when you’re microwaving chocolate-  A second goes a long way!

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