Keeping Up

April 2nd, 2013

Sometimes towards the end of the year last year- I stopped watching the news. I know, I’ve gotten flack about not being ‘with the times’ from quite a few people, but truth is, I want to be able to control what kind of ‘stuff’ goes into my head. Some most of the news is quite negative and I just decided not to listen.    Of course, with eliminating the news also meant that I would be missing out on other news worthy things-   such as the Dow Jones and NASDAQ.    I’ll admit that I don’t know much about trading, but I do like to follow what’s happening and have learned quite a bit from friends that I have who actually work in the business. To the point that I did start doing my own research on the trend in penny stocks and even on the Tim Sykes challenge. With all the uncertainty in the market, plus with all the ups and downs on Wall Street these days, so many people are actually investing in penny stocks and turning a pretty good profit. To the point of having me actually considering trying it too. I don’t have any intention of investing large amounts of capitol, but I think it would be interesting to invest a little and see where it takes me. What do I have to lose?

It’s one thing I do miss about the news, but like most things- there’s always an app to help keep me up to date. What did we ever do before smart phones and Internet?

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