Keeping Cool

May 31st, 2016

One thing I haven’t missed about being ‘home’ is the heat and humidity. The past few days have been so warm, and while I tend to think about the warmth as a coastal thing, one of my friends in Ohio said that the heating and cooling Columbus has also been something they have needed more often than not. Apparently their winter was somewhat mild, so she used the heating less, but it started heating up there earlier than usual, so those days of leaving the doors and windows open were short lived.

Since we also generally don’t come home this time of the year, but instead, during the winter months, it’s been a huge climate difference for Marcel too. He has great intentions of going outside to help my diddy with yard work or to sit out and read, but that has been short lived every single time. He can’t be without the air conditioning. I expected to really be struggling a lot as well, even though I’m from the coast, but it isn’t the warmth that’s getting me- it’s the humidity. I can’t imagine how it was ‘back in the day’ when there were no air conditioners. It makes me wonder how they managed. One thing is for sure, I’m grateful to know that we don’t have to find out what that is like. Give me a cool breeze, a glass of ice water (with lots of ice) and I’m a happy girl. When it comes time to go to bed, give me a comfortable bed and a cool bedroom to sleep in. That is bliss to me. I know it may seem like a little thing, but being cool when I go to sleep makes all the difference in how I sleep at night.

Right now- the shower is calling, and a little later on- that cool bed will be awaiting me. Tomorrow is a new day filled with more wedding preparations. Just a few days until I do.

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