Joy in the Little Things

May 13th, 2015

Yesterday afternoon I was enjoying a quiet afternoon when I received a message from diddy-   He rarely messages me unless he has something to share, as was the case yesterday.

He was grilling two slabs of ribs that he’d mentioned him and mom buying-   he sent me a photo of the ribs-   saying he wished we were there to enjoy them with them, plus said he was just starting to put the sauce on them.   We shared a few messages back and forth-    along with a few photos of the new barn kittens, all four of them in a pile of playfulness at his feet.

In a world where we are constantly ‘plugged in’ –   and where geography doesn’t afford me to spend time with my parents every day-  this was our quality time together-  albeit technically ‘not’ together.

For me, there is much joy in moments like those-   moments that I cherish and treasure.   Moments that I know are fleeting and that I don’t dare take for granted.    I’m so grateful for those moments.  They bring me so much joy.

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