JJ and Pals

April 19th, 2010

I just got back from a walk/play session with JJ and he is now officially tuckered out. At least until he hears me pulling the vacuum cleaner out, and he’ll go ballistic. I’m not sure what it is about the vacuum, but it drives him batty.

After we’d finished our little walk, I found a stick that didn’t look like he could eat it in one gulp and we started playing. He still hasn’t learned what the meaning of ‘let go’ means (actually probably knows exactly what it means, but he prefers to protest because he doesn’t WANT to let the stick go) so I have to wrestle the stick out of his mouth while telling him 100 times to let it go. IF he does let it go, he’ll look at me and the second I try to get it, he’ll throw his paws over the top of it and put his head down low so it makes it difficult to retrieve. It reminds me so much of the dog we had named Cocoa when I was growing up.

JJ has two little friends who are Welsh Corgie puppies. Their names are Luna and Onyx. They are absolutely adorable and belong to the same owner and they love to play together. I should have taken the ‘eye’ with me today, because seeing JJ, Luna and Onyx together is hilarious. I had no idea that we’d run into them or I would have. They immediately wanted to play with JJ’s stick but he wanted no part of that. He growled at them, so I took the stick and he ignored them, jumping like a kangaroo because he wanted his stick and I was holding it.

Eventually I gave him back the stick and he ran around prancing and acting as though he owned the world. Then he noticed that Luna and Onyx had a stick so he decided he wanted HIS stick AND THEIRS, so he bullied them (or tried to, until I came to the rescue). I tried teaching him it’s nice to share, but when he happened to let the stick fall out of his mouth and one of them grabbed it, he wasn’t amused. I found it hilarious, but the owner did make them give it back.

Who says that animals aren’t like kids?

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