October 20th, 2010

Even though I won’t be carving any pumpkins this year (excecpt for chopping and roasting), I couldn’t help but smile when I came across these great pumpkin carving templates from the Oprah website. The great thing about carving a pumpkin is that you can buy one for each member of the family and let everyone use their own creativity to carve their own (be sure to help smaller children when using knives), or you can buy one pumpkin and make it a group effort. It’s something you can do alone or with a group and have fun at it.

My friend Samantha, her girls and some of their friends had a pumpkin carving night last year and when they were finished they lined them up on her porch steps and lit them. They looked amazing and the kids had a blast doing it. Don’t forget you can also roast the seeds when you’re done scooping out the guts.

Inquiring minds want to know- Will you be carving a jack-o-lantern this year and if so, what will your chosen design be?

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