It’s Official!

June 30th, 2010

I’m pregnant!! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. That isn’t true though. I’m not pregnant and since I’m knocking on the door of the fabulous ‘young’ age of 43, I think that ship has sailed without me. It’s all good though. I know that everything has a purpose and since I have a feline and canine (and sometimes a husband) that are like having children, I think I have my hands full just as things are.

The OFFICIAL part is that our cruise is booked. I called my cruise guy Steven earlier today and made it official. I’m known in my little family circle as the ‘tour guide’, so when it comes to making reservations and doing the research for travel; I’m your girl. I actually like it, and because I love learning new things and planning fun things to do, this makes it one big adventure.

Next up on the cruise agenda will be planning the excursions while in Cozumel. We are going to swim with the dolphins, plus mom and I are wanting to spend some time on a zip line. It’s something mom has always wanted to do, and in recent years, I’ve wanted to do it as well, so we’re going to go for it as long as our excursions don’t overlap. I’m sure we can swing it though. I’m sure while mom and I are zipping around through the sky, that diddy, Desere and Marcel will be lounging on the beach or maybe even taking pictures of me and mom screaming as we fly through the air.

I’m excited!!!

I have a lot to talk about, but not a lot of time. I’ve got to be up VERY early in the morning and I have a lot to do before bed tonight.

More soon…. Don’t Forget this week’s 5 O’ Clock Friday’s.

3 Responses to “It’s Official!”

  1. Beth Broom says:

    Sounds like fun! The zip line is surely never boring, and you WILL BE screaming~!

  2. admin says:

    Beth have you done it before? Did you see Keyra’s pictures on Facebook when her and Mark were in Costa Rica? She was on the zipline UPSIDE DOWN!!

  3. Bobby says:

    Ya got me on that one. Mabel has already been through the change at 46…

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