Issac- an Unwelcome Guest

August 31st, 2012

The past few days I’ve been pretty uneasy about what was going to happen in the Gulf with Issac.    The idea of him making landfall at all is one that anyone from the Gulf Coast (or any geographical location that happens to be in a hurricane zone)  will tell you is an unwelcome thought-  but the fact that his appearance on the 7-year anniversary of Katrina made him especially unwelcome.

Hurricanes/ Tropical Storms are unpredicable.  They weeble and wobble, so you never really know where they will make landfall until usually 24 hours before.  There are many ‘predictions’  but those seem pretty hit-and-miss.      Since I’m not on the Coast-  I worried about my family, friends and even strangers that I knew was feeling that sense of dread.   I even had my ‘feathers’ ruffled when someone suggested that if it hit as a category two that people shouldn’t get so ‘bent out of shape’.   Seriously?   A Category 2 storm can cause a lot of damage- maybe not Category 5 damage, but if you’re in the middle of the storm-  and water is rising-  I don’t think your thought is on the number on the scale created to determine the severity of the winds.

I was actually pretty relieved when I saw that Issac would make landfall as a minimal Cat. 1 storm.  80 MPH isn’t ideal but by hurricane standards you couldn’t ask for much more.    So I felt much better about things- and about the people who would be going through the storm and what they may endure.    Little did I know (and probably many others) that Issac had ideas of his own.   He came to the party and refused to leave- spinning his wheels and slinging massive amounts of rain from his feeder bands causing flooding in places that I haven’t seen flooded since Katrina.

Yesterday Mobile, AL opened a couple of their dams- on the Big Creek Waterway- which means the water rushes south and creates flooding in some of the lower lying areas of Forts Lake, MS and along the Dog River.   It’s a mess-   people have been evacuating when the water kept rising- and they had no choice, some of them now with several feet of water in their homes and a huge mess to clean up.

As for now-  Issac has finally cleared out and I expect it will be several days in some areas before the water reaches the higest point- and in other areas it should start receeding soon.   My heart aches for those struggling once again to put their homes and lives back together.   Thankfully- those are just ‘things’ and from what I’ve seen thanks to Facebook (which has been a Godsend to keep up with family and friends) it looks like everyone is OK-   It is an inconvenience to have a flooded home- but knowing everyone is safe is the most important thing of all.

As for this years’ hurricane season- I hope Issac is the last to make landfall.

One Response to “Issac- an Unwelcome Guest”

  1. Scott Park says:

    “I hope Issac is the last to make landfall.”

    I hope you’re right. Still, stuff can be replaced. People can’t. Thank God (most) people are safe.


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