Interesting Things About Spammers

February 13th, 2010

On one of my other regular blogs I was talking about how some of the spam comments I receive are quite entertaining. Most of the time, they are totally unrelated to the actual journal entries, which I find even more entertaining. I never approve them, and have even blocked a few IP addresses to keep them at bay.

The interesting thing I’ve found out in recent months is that there are actual companies who pay these people per ‘approved’ comment. So if someone wants to have so many links about cures for hemorrhoids, they will pay these people to create a gazillion backlinks by visiting journals and leaving comments. Then for each approved comment, they get some insanely low amount of money, literally pennies.

Since sometime the comments are the same, I’d probably venture to guess that they are some sort of bots with a standard comment, but I wonder just how many people actually let those kind of comments through. Seriously, do they think people are going to help them boost their page rankings?

Yes, these are the little things that entertain me on a Saturday morning.

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