In the Face of Busy

April 8th, 2015

Busy is one of those terms that seems to be over-glorified these days.   I hear it SO much at times- and I, in fact have also been guilty of responding with, “BUSY” when someone asks how I’ve been.    Over the past month, I’ve decided to remove that response as an answer to any question, and the reason being is: Everyone is busy.     Granted, we all have our different levels of busy, but everyone has their routines- their lives, and we are all busy.

I recently have noticed a trend in people who seem to almost be saying “Look at me-   and how busy I am.  My life is so stressful because I don’t have time for anything I want to do, and I hate it. ”

This is actually what gave me pause in my own reactions to busy-  after hearing from someone I’ve known for quite some time glorifying their ‘busy’, and at the same time complaining about it.    This person is also someone who has choices (as do most of us)-  and they don’t like to say no-   so instead- they say yes- and resent it.    (I’ve been that ‘yes’ person and it doesn’t do anything but make one miserable, plus misrepresents yourself to another party.)

During this same time, I also found myself questioning why it is that I don’t seem to have the ‘time’ to write here on a more regular basis- something that brings me a lot of pleasure, and centers me.

My initial response to myself was-   “Because you are running a company and trying to continue its growth, working on a new business venture with a dear friend,  working on home remodels, helping plan a wedding- plus emails- time with friends, and the list goes on..”

The reality-  Because I’m not always the best at prioritizing outside of my business ventures, and there are times when I’d rather a few extra hours of sleep, so I take them.     But I have time, as long as I structure my days.

What I have noticed- is that when we glorify this whole.. ‘busy’ thing-  that we are also not present in our lives-   we can’t focus on right now- because our mind is already fast-forwarding to the next ‘busy’ on the agenda.   The result?   A day full of busy- and also a lot of disenfranchised people who are ‘checked-out’ of their lives..    Auto pilot at its finest..

I know that the first step to change is recognizing a behavior that you know isn’t working for you.  From there a plan can be made that works for you.    Sometimes (like in my case) it requires baby-steps, but regardless of the size of the steps-  forward motion is momentum in the right direction.

My first step?   I stopped rambling on about how busy I am-  and then got ‘real’ with myself on how I could implement changes in my prioritizing to get the most out of my days, PLUS still have time to focus on all the things that bring joy to my life.

What about you?  Are you tired of the glorification of ‘busy’?   Are you guilty of falling into the trappings of that four-letter word?  What do you do to make the change?


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