I’m Getting Veryyyy Sleepyyyyy

January 29th, 2013

That’s the feeling I have- that I’m in the middle of a scene from the Wizard of Oz- walking through a field of gorgeous red poppies and that my eyelids suddly get really heavy.. Yep Yep~

I am tired- not just a physical tired, but also a deep emotional tired to the point that I can’t sleep at the moment. It will come though and boy when it does- whew.

It’s diffult at times to find the balance in being there for someone you care for and who needs you- and also knowing the importance of being there for yourself. You don’t want to be selfish- after all when we care about people we want to be there for them- but there is a balance to be met in being able to care for yourself and give yourself what you need (sleep and mental relaxation at this point) so that your cup stays full and you are able to continue to give- which I always want to be able to do. Right now- I’ve got to choose me- and how selfish that may seem- if I ‘crash and burn’ so-to-speak and can’t give- then I’m not much use to anyone, myself included…. so rest- right now I choose rest..

Tomorrow- well, that’s a new day- but right now I need to fill my own cup- so I’ll have something to use to help fill another.

I feel blessed, so very blessed and grateful that I have people in my life who care enough to want me to be included in their inner circle of friendship- I definitely don’t take that for granted.

Right now- the jet lag and lack of sleep are catching up with me- and I’ve got to give in or else my body will make the decision for me. So tomorrow- a new day- new possibilities- and new mountains to climb. I’ll be ready.. The poppies- they’re calling…

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