I Wouldn’t Object

December 1st, 2013

Yesterday I had an email from a long-time friend with the subject line that read HELP!   I thought maybe something was wrong, but she was looking for gift advice.   She has a close friend who is a well known rock musician (who will remain nameless), and wanted to know if I had any ideas of what to give the guy who has everything.    We shared a few emails back and forth, and I gathered a little intel- before sending her a few links, one of which for the sennheiser hd 650 which I think would be a great gift.     She thanked me profusely and said she owed me one, to which my response was- VIP tickets to the next concert would be nice.     It helps that I happen to be a huge fan of his music, but then again, I’m a fan of a lot of music.    I’m just always happy to help a friend if I can, but of course, I wouldn’t object to the tickets.

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