I Hate to Say I Told Ya So- But….

April 3rd, 2012

Some of you know that a while back Marcel bought a used scooter (think Vespa type) to use to go back and forth to work because of the rising gas prices.   I suggested he wait and really do his homework before buying one from an individual the moment he saw one he liked- but as men can be (sorry guy’s)  he couldn’t wait-   He bought the first one he liked and without really knowing anything at all about it- other than it was ‘cool’.

He got it for a steal and I was skeptical, but I tried (for once) to keep my mouth shut- since it was clear he wasn’t going to listen.    Well,  since that moment I think he’s driven it to work maybe three times and it has done nothing but cost him money, money and yes, more money.    This past week he drove it to work and as he arrived it stopped running.   He was working nights so someone brought him home, and two days later he walked the 4 miles to pick it up and walked it back home.   It’s been in the storage until today- when he took it in for repairs.

The owner of the shop had told him a while back that the thing was only going to be a money pit and he was correct.    He called several hours after Marcel dropped it off and said that it was going to be several hundred to get it repaired because it’s losing compression and the cylinder is broken (whatever all that means in layman terms haha)  Anyway- he suggested Marcel not get it repaired- so he’s not.

It has been an expensive lesson and as much as I’ve wanted to say it- I didn’t say I told you so, but boy was I tempted.   I would hope that he would learn- but guess what?  He’s already got his eyes on another-   at least this one will have a warranty and not be something that was some teenagers hobby for a while.    We’ll see how this unfolds but I’m doing what I don’t do best- and that’s keeping my mouth shut. :)


One Response to “I Hate to Say I Told Ya So- But….”

  1. Scott Park says:

    I’d like to have one of those myself, but used vehicles scare me. I’ve always bought new or slighty used from a dealer with a warranty, and it gives me peace of mind. When I bought my girls their first cars (used) I had a mobile tech service come out and check them out top to bottom. They pointed out some problems with a couple of cars I was considering, so I passed and kept looking. It was money well spent. Hope he finds a good, reliable one next time. :)


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