I Can’t Imagine..

March 28th, 2009

I’ve been watching in the news about the drug cartels in Mexico, and it makes me nauseated.   Last night, I watched Anderson Cooper do an interview with one of the carel members, who was disguised, and talked about how for 100.00 in Mexcio you could have someone killed, and in the U.S. for a few hundred dollars more.

I can’t imagine living in Warez and having to live in that kind of terror going on, never knowing if you are going to be part of their revenge.   It’s a world where self defense products are laughable, because even then you aren’t safe against the guns and other weapons.

I know that none of us are guaranteed tomorrow, or even the next moment, but I can’t imagine the horror that those poor people live in. I do pray that they’ll continue to fight to get this drug war under control and those ‘drug terrorists’ are punished the way they deserve.

One Response to “I Can’t Imagine..”

  1. sunny says:

    Hi Lori, I watched the same program last night. It was very scarey and a real eye-opener.

    I think the USA Gov’t should be sending troops to the border and not to Afghanistan.

    I was shocked to know those drug cartels are infiltrating 230 of our cities, scattered all over the USA.

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