How Do You Beat Stress? (7 Stress Busters)

March 18th, 2010

It’s getting late here in the land of Never, but I did want to provide y’all with the 7 Stress Buster tips, since I know we can all use those from time to time. I figure if one won’t work, then maybe if I combine them all that I’ll get better results.

Since Marcel found out today that he has shingles, and he doesn’t do well with pain, I will definitely need some stress busters. Even if your favorite guy doesn’t have the shingles, or if you’re feeling happy, happy, joy, joy- it’s still great information to have.

Simple Stress Busters- 

  1. Take a walk.
  2. Call a friend.
  3. Play a board game.
  4. Write a blog or journal.
  5. Do something to work up a sweat.
  6. Take a hot bath. (My personal favorite)
  7. Plan something fun.  (Another favorite)

So tell me-  What is YOUR favorite way to beat stress?

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