Honk If You Love….

June 24th, 2010

Since I made this image a thumbnail- you can’t see the full text but it says- “Honk if you love Jesus.  Text while driving if you want to meet him.”  (Click image for full sized view).

This is actually something that is going around on Facebook and people are encouraging others to share on their ‘walls’.    The truth of the matter is, as much as I agree with this statement and am against texting and driving, I couldn’t bring myself to add it to my wall to share with the world.

The reason why is because I have several friends who lost someone dear to them several weeks ago in a car accident and that’s exactly what the girl was doing- texting and driving.   She swerved into the other lane and ended up hitting a dump truck head on and was killed.    As much as I believe that this sign is true- I felt as though it would be insensitive to post it on my Facebook and since none of them read this space, I decided that here would be a better forum to share.

Oprah has a campaign right now where she is asking people to sign a “No Phone Zone” contract stating that you won’t use your phone at all while in the car.    I haven’t signed it, but then my phone is programmed into the bluetooth in our car so that when my “eye” rings, it automatically mutes the radio and I can talk to the person over the car speakers.  It’s very cool if I must say so myself, and you can keep on driving.   With that being said-    Please don’t text and drive, no matter how multi-talented you think you are-   it’s just an accident waiting to happen.

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