Home Projects and Inspiration

March 17th, 2016

As we continue to make progress on our home improvements, I find that the more we do, the more I want to do.   Do you have that too?    It started with painting, but I’ve been thinking more now about utlization of space, adding some new shelving and hardware to the kitchen, and even have a few ideas for the computer room. One thing I love is how easy the Internet makes it for finding exactly what you want without ever leaving your home. I found so much inspiration and ideas simply by visiting a few sites, including one of my new favorites- www.ovisonline.com. I love being able to find everything I want, plus even realizing that a few things I thought I wanted, didn’t make as much sense as other ideas.

As our projects continue to unfold, I’ll be keeping y’all updated. Now that I’m feeling a little stronger and caught up on my day job- I’m hoping I can pull out the Annie Sloan paint this weekend and work some magic. Stay tuned.

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