Home Painting Projects

April 24th, 2016

With our vacation pending, our home improvements have come to a screeching halt for the time being, but the inspiration continues to flow as I look at Hingham painters and see what great work they do. As much as I would love to be a do-it-yourself person for everything, truth is- we just don’t have the time, inclination or skills, so we’ve decided to leave a lot of things to the professionals.

As most of you know who visit this space regularly, we had a professional come in to do our living room a while back. We did all the prep work (which wasn’t necessary, but something we wanted to do to help the professionals), so it made for a very smooth day of painting. Later, Marcel decided to do the painting in the hallways himself, but some he ended up having to redo, as he just couldn’t get the coverage in one go the way the pros did, despite using the same type of paint. It was then when we realized that it makes sense to let someone else take care of things for us, so upon our return from vacation we will get an estimate for the rest of the rooms that need painting and go from there.

That will mean more time for other things we are good in, such as decorating and such. What’s your preferred method? Are you a do-it-yourselfer or do you prefer to pay a professional to come in and take care of things and get it done properly the first time? Also, what are your favorite color schemes to use? I’ve been browsing some of the newest color trends from Southern Living magazine, and there are quite a few that catch my eye. I love how inspiration can be found in so many little things.

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