Hide -n- Seek

March 17th, 2010

Marcel’s laptop just got back from the shop, and Mister M. has taken over the box as his new ‘hiding place’. For some reason or another, JJ really hates boxes so he’ll run all around the box but he won’t try to get in it, something that I find to be extremely amusing. Right now, JJ is sitting inside his crate, and Mister M. is in the box, which is about three feet away from JJ’s crate.

When JJ looks at Mister M. he ducks down and hides so that JJ can’t see him. Then he’ll ease his head up and peek over the top of the box, and it will send JJ into a barking frenzy. It’s hilarious. I’ve really got to start making videos of the two of them and putting them on You Tube. As cute as they are, they may just become the next You Tube sensation.

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