Here’s Your Sign

October 8th, 2010

I was listening to the first “Toxic” series at Oasis church yesterday (it was last Sunday’s service, but I’m just listening to it) and it was on ‘toxic thoughts’. Since I’ve found quite a few toxic people in my life lately, I’ve also noticed that some of it has rubbed off on me. I think we’re all guilty of having toxic thoughts from time to time, but the truth of the matter is that what we think, we become.

I’m a pretty positive person, not all the time- but most of the time, but yet I’ve found myself thinking some pretty negative thoughts lately and it’s in direct relation to some of the people I’ve been around. I see it, I recognize it, and now I’m ready to show them the exit signs out of my life. I’ve established boundries for those that I can’t show the door, so that I can avoid the poison.

We all have those people in our lives and they are who they are. I accept that, but I don’t accept catching their toxicity. I prefer to see my penny ‘heads up’.

2 Responses to “Here’s Your Sign”

  1. maggie says:

    Choice is key *nods in agreement***

  2. admin says:


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