Here Kitty Kitty

May 12th, 2009

Last night when Desere was over, Mister M. was on a crying rampage. He’s found himself in the habit of meowing when he is in the mood to play, and unfortunately Marcel and I have stimulated this behaviour by actually playing with him when he’s like that. The result has been a very spoiled, and even bratty at times, Mister Mistoffelees.

Couple these meows with that monthly girly thing and you end up with a bad combination.

Finally after attempting to ignore him- (didn’t work), and trying to get him to play with his favorite toys- (didn’t work), I finally went and got something that I knew would keep him occupied.

The result- a very happy kitty.

4 Responses to “Here Kitty Kitty”

  1. Bobby says:

    Don’t ya just love him Wizzy?


  2. Dorrie says:

    I waas just thinking about how long it’s been since you’ve posted pics of Mr. M!!

  3. Burstmode says:

    Thats not a cat, its a raccoon.

  4. admin says:

    I do Bobby- he’s the best, but sometimes does drive me bonkers haha..

    I posted some not too long ago on my throughthetulips journal Westy. It kind of depends on the theme of the entry where I post them, but I need to start posting more. He’s a little camera ham.

    haha Bursty it does look like it doesn’t it? He’s so funny though, and sweet- but sometimes I think he’s the devil.

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