Health over Size

February 19th, 2011

Several days ago I went to a store that I generally only visit if I need something specific. That particular day, I’d left the store and I happened to remember that I forgot to buy hair spray and since I was out, I knew it couldn’t wait. My option was to fight the crowds of the store I’d just left, or go into this store that I knew wouldn’t be crowded. I opted for the last and headed into the store.

I found my hair spray and was walking towards the cash register when I noticed that there was a huge section of weight loss products. I will admit that I stopped to look at a few of them so I could read the labels and such. I thought it was interesting that they all promised great results. I didn’t buy anything, but left there asking myself is it any wonder that 1- the diet industry is so huge and 2- that we all have this desire to live up to what society considers an ‘acceptable size’? How about healthy- Shouldn’t that be what we all strive for?

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