Harder Than it Seems

March 16th, 2012

After my little visit to the doc, I found myself in a lot more pain. I am supposed to be sleeping with the wrist brace, but I found that it made my wrist throb with a dull pain. Sooo I made a decision that maybe a good idea would be to not use my right arm at all.

Now one may think that this is a simple feat, but I find it almost impossible. It’s something that we take for granted so much that it is an automated response, so keeping my arm tucked up against my chest has been hard. I did notice a slight improvement to the pain though, so I’m going to continue as much as I can throughout the weekend. Granted, I did use it a little today, but I’m back to only using my left and keeping my right heated. Can you tell I don’t want surgery or injections?

One Response to “Harder Than it Seems”

  1. Scott Park says:

    If I couldn’t use my right arm/hand I’d be worthless. Hope things feel better soon. :)


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