Happy Weekend

July 10th, 2015

The weekend is here-   I’ve been anticipating it for some time-   spending time in the company of some of my very favorite people.  The guest bed linens have been washed and fresh ones put on the bed-    I’ve got some Taco Dip made-  recipe from my friend Sylvia-  plus I’ve made some home-made salsa- and tomorrow I’ll whip up some fresh guacamole-  I can’t wait!

My birthday cake experiment-   It was a huge success-   More on that Sunday- when I share a photo, but looking at it makes me VERY happy!

I was reading an article the other day which talked about being in the FLOW- and how it feels.   I could recognize myself in every single point-  I feel fantastic, so going into 48 makes me very happy.    There’s only one point that I know I really need to work on- and I’m in the process of doing that too-   and that’s getting more exercise into my routine.   I’m working on it now- but I realize how much out of shape I’ve allowed myself to get, but that’s ok-   it is what it is- and no looking back-  only looking forward.

But first-   celebration weekend!  Fun, Sun, and LOVE!



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