Happiness- An Inside Job

November 10th, 2015

behappyHave you ever noticed people commenting-  “I’ll be happy when…  (insert reason here) ”  It could be to lose that last 15 pounds, land that perfect job, find Mr. or Miss Right,  purchase a home, have children…  You get the idea, right?

There was a time when I was kind of that way as well.  I would find myself saying that if this or that happened that I’d be so happy, or that the right people in my life would make me happy.

Over time- as I learned and grew as a human being (as we are all here to do) I realized something big-   my happiness was no ones responsibility but my own. 

It is 100% without a doubt a do-it-yourself from the inside out job!     Feeling unhappy?  Look inside-  There’s something that is holding you back- but that something isn’t lack or waiting for something big to show up-  it’s something within that needs to be worked through and out.

When we put our happiness in the power of someone else- or attaching it to ‘things’ or ‘circumstances’ – we are giving our own power away-   our own ability to create our own happiness, and that is the only real joy to ‘do it ourselves’.

People can enhance our lives-  they can increase our joy- they can half our sorrows- they can really enhance what is already there- but they are not responsible for our happiness, we are.    The same goes for that new house, job, life partner.   It can all add to our joy, to our gratitude-  but our shining light- our happiness.  It’s ours to own and make happen.

So as the holiday season knocks at our door-   choose happy-  BE Happy!



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