Guessing Game Answer– Finally

December 17th, 2009

Well nothing likel being a day late, but how about several days? I know I promised days ago to give y’all the answer to the little guessing game, and I became so busy with other things that I forgot all about it. My poor blogs have been suffering with my absence, and so have a few emails that I so want to write, but haven’t had the time.

I hate to say it, but no one was able to guess correctly what the little treat was. I had never heard of it before the day I saw them in the store, and I bought them because I was so curious about them. I actually thought they were yummy, and aside from the one I gave Marcel to try, and the one my mother-in-law tried, I ate all the rest.

The answer is….. Lotus Seeds… I never knew that a Lotus had a seed, but apparently it does, and it is quite tasty. I’ll add a picture from the packaging in a few, but it’s on the ‘eye’Phone and I am on the laptop.

Maybe we should play another guessing game that isn’t quite so challenging.

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