Goodbye Birthday Month

July 31st, 2013

Now that I’m about to kiss my birthday month goodbye; hopefully I will have more time to spend writing and taking care of some of the other things on my ‘to do’ list.

It has been a busy month- road trips with friends, outings and great moments, date nights and of course vacation planning!! It has been a month of ups and downs- (mostly ups) and through every moment, I have paused to be grateful for everything around me and for the lessons in every situation. Celebration month has been one of relaxation in more ways than one- and now the fun goes into warp drive, making this into the best year EVER!!

My new friend is back from vacation- and I’m looking forward to getting to know her more, plus looking forward to the two of us becoming work out partners. Yay!

Big changes brewing on my business front- and I’m making plans and goals towards a few things kicking off in the fall. More on that as it develops.

Travel, travel and more travel. That is what’s on the agenda and I can’t wait. Part of my time this month has also been researching travel destinations and planning some serious road trips. All new places that we’ve never been, so it’s going to be one fun road ahead.

August? Well August couldn’t be looking better. Fun times with friends coming up- plus big happenings that I can’t discuss just yet.

Life is made sweeter by the people who love me, who encourage me and continue this journey with me. I love y’all.

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