Gettin’ Healthy

October 15th, 2010

It wasn’t that long ago that I aquired a new domain that I plan to create a health blog from. The idea started as a way to help keep me more accountable for my own fitness, weight loss and journey to live a healthier- less processed life. Various speed bumps have arrived and quite honestly I’ve not been ready to get the blog off the ground. Even though things have been quite busy, I think I’ll probably try to get things launched in the next week or so. In the process, the idea around the website has evolved and will include other things, such as healthy recipes, tips, and information that I’d like to share. I’ll also have my own personal ideas in regards to questions such as: do diet pills work. It’s something I feel pretty excited about, and I plan to add a focus on how important it is to establish healthy eating and exercise habits for children. After all- what we teach them now is crucial to later development.

You’ll hear more as this project develops and who knows- I may even ask some of you to be a guest blogger and share some of your own healthy lifestyle tips and tricks.

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