Function Junction

August 27th, 2009

Sometimes I wonder where I get these ideas that seem so brilliant at the time I’m having them. I’ve had probably hundreds, maybe even thousands of them over the years, ideas that seem like ‘the’ thing to do at the time, only to leave me shaking my head wondering what on earth I was thinking a little later.

Last night was one of those times. I was trying to get ahead with work, and decided that since Marcel was working, the best thing I could do would be to utilize that time to work as long as I could into the night. It seemed like a good idea until around 2:00 a.m. which is when things started to slow down in the concentration department. Even when I knew that I should call it a night, I pressed forward, and finally stopped at 4:10 a.m. when I was practically falling flat on my face from exaustion. Obviously I’m not 20 anymore. I decided that I’d probably sleep better if I took a bath, so I took a quick bath and finally fell asleep around 5 a.m. which is about 5 hours past my normal midnight bedtime. I was up at ten, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do the math to realize I got way too little sleep last night.

Thinking several cups of coffee would help, I noticed that it did help boost my energy a little, but it didn’t clear the cobwebs in my head I’ve been dealing with all day long. Lesson learned. No more insanely late nights. My body protests, and I honestly can’t say that I blame it.

How much sleep do you need to function?

One Response to “Function Junction”

  1. Judy says:

    I need 6 hours of sleep to function alertly and bright-eyed and happy girl.

    I don’t get that much very often because of medicines.

    Yes, our bodies always are telling us when something is not quite right…it sure does protest!!

    I hope you get some really full and sound sleep soon. :) Love you *hugs*

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