Friday Freebie-

July 31st, 2009

As you know, when I come across what I consider to be a ‘great find’, I love to share them with y’all. On top of that, since I got my iPhone earlier this year, I have been doing nothing but raving about how fantastic I think it is. The phone alone was enough to sell me after using it, but the applications have me hooked. I’m constantly searching and downloading applications I come acrosss that I think can be not only beneficial to me, but to those I love.

This weeks ‘goldmine find’ is the iphone apartment app. You may be wondering if I’m in the market for an apartment, and the truth is, I’m not, but someone who is very near and dear to me is, so when I came across the application, I thought I’d check it out and see how it works, and it’s amazing.

When you first install the program and open the application, it will ask to use the GPS for your current location. Choose to allow it or not, that’s up to you. When the program opens, you have the option to search the City and State of the area in which you are searching. I chose Mobile, Alabama for my search area, because the person I’m searching for will be living in that area. There is also an option to use search filters, which will filter results of preferences set by you for -rental price, bedrooms, bathrooms, pet allowances.. etc.

The search immediately finds everything that meets your criteria in the area, including (in most cases) photos of the rental home or apartment. There is generally also a description about the property and a little about the area, including a ‘hot link’ to call the properties directly to answer any questions that a person may have.
Another option that I loved, is you can check availability with the click of a button and with the input of a few bits of information, such as your projected move date, telephone number and questions.

If you find a property or several that you are interested in, but aren’t sure yet, there’s an option to add the property to your ‘favorites’, for easy access the following time you open the application, plus you can email to a friend (which in my case is what I’ll be doing), and create notes about the particular properties that you’d like to either ask the leasing agent, or general information that you don’t want to forget.

I think this application is a ‘MUST HAVE’ for anyone who is considering renting or leasing anytime in the near future. I recommend it even if you aren’t, because you never know when one of your family member or friends are moving and need a little help, and I can see where this application can literally save HOURS of search time when looking for a new home.

Plus, it’s FREE!!! Check it out, and let me know what you think.

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