First Impressions

October 22nd, 2009

I’ll apologize in advance if this doesn’t make sense. I haven’t had much rest in the last 24 hours and I’m not sure how it is going to be tonight. The first impressions between JJ and Mister M. were pretty good. They chased each other around the house, and Mister M. tolerated it. He even tolerated JJ biting his tail, and pouncing on top of him, although he drew the line at JJ grabbing his fur and pulling. He did get a little hiss and swat for that little trick.

Needless to say today has been different. Mister M. is mad at everyone. I can still get him to purr when I hold him, so I know all isn’t lost, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a while before I’m able to post pictures of the two of them snuggling together. Mister M. is now expressing his dominance and wanting to let JJ know who’s the boss, so when JJ comes within 5 feet of him, we hear lots of hissing and deep growling. So far, JJ has pretty much ignored Mister all day. There was an exception when he chased after Mister in spite of the warnings, and it landed him a big slap on the face by Mister- without claws, so I guess Mister is having a little mercy on the poor baby.

Everyone who has met JJ loves him, and rightfully so. He’s precious and we are trying to teach him good habits early. Lets hope they stick. I’ll add a picture from my ‘i’ that I took earlier when I finish working- something I’m supposed to be doing right now.

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