Finding the Best Deal

October 1st, 2010

Several days ago, on one of my other blogs, I talked about how when I shop online I never buy anything without first looking for a coupon code for the particular item at With the holidays just around the corner, most of you know that Marcel and I will be heading home for the holidays and mom and dad have decided to give each other a new computer this year for Christmas. Mom asked if I would be willing to choose the best computer for them and I’ve already been scouting the Dell computers and have come up with some pretty great deals. Mom and dad aren’t gamers, so they don’t need a computer with a super duper graphic card, but they do need something with all the latest bells and whistles that will last them a while. I’ve also scouted and found a Dell coupon so that when I make the purchase, I’ll be able to use it to add to their savings. One thing they’ll definitely be getting is wireless Internet. It’s not something they have now, but it’s something they will definitely benefit from having. Now, I just need to get them to decide if they want to go with a laptop or a desktop computer. Once they decide that, I’ll be able to make a more informed decision about the computer they need and getting the best deal possible.

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