Facebook Generation

August 12th, 2009

Did you ever think when you were in elementary school that one day computers would allow us to connect with people from all over the world with just the click of a mouse?

I didn’t. In fact, it was the furthest thing from my mind, computers were the things that you saw in the movies, that were sci-fi and high-tech, but a method to communicate with those we love, and a manner in which to make our world smaller and to bind us together in new ways? Never- But you know what they say, never say never.

With as much as I love technology, I still love hand written letters. I don’t think that I’ll ever completely become ‘wired’ to the point of giving up hand written letters and notes, because sending them brings me joy, and let’s face it- it’s like receiving a little piece of sunshine in the mail, but I believe there is room for both in not only my world, but everyones. But, I digress.

Facebook- I know, many of you hate it, some of you love to hate it, and truth is, with all the ‘gazillion’ applications, games, and quizzes, it can be a HUGE time waster, but as I was telling my aunt a little while ago, it’s also like having many of my favorite people all together in a huge room- and all we needed to add was coffee and chocolates.

I love it- I really do. It has given me the opportunity to reconnect witih people that I’ve only been able to wonder about over the years, because I had no idea where they were, or what they were doing. From some of those reconnections, new friendships have formed, great friendships that I believe will continue for many years to come.

Granted, there are some people who find you that you wish hadn’t, but thats easily remedied by ‘just saying no’ to the friend request.

Facebook makes me happy- Well, I take that back. The people that I’ve reconnected with (for the most part) on Facebook make me happy. Even the people who I already have regular contact with who happen to be on Facebook, it allows us to keep up with what’s going on with each other, or to jot a little note to say we are thinking of each other, when we don’t have time for an email or other contact.

When you think about it- it’s amazing- the world is much smaller than we think, and we are all far more connected as human beings in spite of our many differences. It’s a beautiful thing isn’t it? I think so.

6 Responses to “Facebook Generation”

  1. Judy says:

    Glad you wrote about this :) As you know, I *used to be* one of the ones who disliked FaceBook! LOL. But as you know, I have an account there now.

    It’s supposed to be for just connecting, and re-connecting with my classmates and real life friends with whom I’ve been out of touch or we lost each other.

    I have a few former JS people in my FB who I adore, but that’s it!

    I agree, I never thought we’d be able to connect this way with all the new technology. Wow.

    Oh yes! Let’s keep our postal service intact! They are losing money because of the internet. I love to write little notecards and have to sit myself down and do that asap.

    Have a wonderful day little sister :)


  2. Anita says:

    In 1975 I would have never thought we would be where we are now. It was all about the Jetson’s back then.

    Facebook is important to me because it keeps me connected to my family and very close friends.

    Glad you wrote this.

  3. Danielle says:

    It certainly is amazing how far technology has come. I love FB. There are peeps on my list that I wish I would have never said yes to, but I can take them off :)

  4. Bobby says:


    I can’t follow blogger any longer from work so I’m at KCL most of the time.

    I miss you awful.


  5. admin says:

    When I think about blogging, I think about each and every one of you that i’ve had the chance to meet because of that experience. That is a huge blessing to me, and some of the friendships that have developed from that time is priceless- those are things that money can’t buy.

    I thank y’all for that- for being the people who yo uare- all different, all from different walks of life, and for blessing my life, for allowing me into your world, and for being who you are.


    Isn’t it awesome Judy? And to think that otherwise our paths may never have crossed, and I wouldn’t have a ‘big sis’ :)

    Exactly Anita- I remember how much I loved the Jetsons and thinking some of those things were so cool- some of those things which are now a part of our evveryday lives.. Who knows what’s next..

    Exactly Dani- you ccan always remove them. I’ve removed a few people, either because they express a dislike to facebook anyway, or because they added me and don’t talk, or for other reasons. It’s YOUR space, do with it what you want.

    Awww Bobby, I’m sorry that you can’t follow blogger from work, but I miss you too. I will check in at KCL. You can always come here anytime you like and read- since it shouldn’t be blocked from your work.

    *hugs* xxx

  6. tea says:

    I delayed signing up with Facebook for the longest time because of the privacy/datasharing issues, and I’ve blocked all games & most Applications on it … but I do find it a useful tool for keeping in touch with friends who live a long way away.

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