Enjoying the Little Things

March 16th, 2016

I noticed that I’m starting to see local concerts and events pop-up in my Facebook feed more often, now that Spring is ‘almost’ here. The daylight hours are longer, plus people seem to be itching to get outside and start doing things now that the temperatures are warmer. Something I have noticed as a trend in the Deep South (and I’m sure other places as well), is that people are starting to have these little weekend private concert gatherings for locals. A friend of mine has gone to several at this one particular place close to the river. It’s in a tiny shack, people bring their lawn chairs, and various bands play. Sometimes it’s acoustics only, and other times it’s groups with 52 Korina Tele and full set of drums. Aside from the venue, the fun is that the talent and music varies. They charge a small fee, and sometimes serve food and beverages- other times you bring your own. I love the sense of community coming together to have a good time and enjoy good tunes.

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