Eat Your Carrots

October 13th, 2010

Eat your carrots is one of those things that you always hear parents saying to their kids on television shows, and probably one of those things that my parents said to my brother and I while growing up.   I don’t really remember them ever saying that, but I do remember things like “Eat your squash” and “Eat your okra and tomatoes”, both of which I never wanted to eat.    I didn’t think either one of them were tasty, although now my tastes have changed and I actually love squash in pretty much any fashion.  Okra on the other hand, I’ll only eat fried.  You won’t catch me eating stewed okra and tomatoes to this day.  The mere thought turns my stomach, but I digress.

Yesterday I was whipping up something in the kitchen when I turned and saw a couple of carrots that I had left over from last weekend’s Cauliflower Soup on “Soup Saturday’.   On a whim, I peeled it, chopped off the ends and gave it to JJ.  I really didn’t think he’d do anything with it, but you would have thought I’d just given him the golden ticket that would get him into WonkaLand because he grabbed that carrot between his teeth and he ran all over the house with it.    I was then scared he was going to try to swallow the entire carrot whole out of greed that someone would steal it, so I tried to get it from him.    He saw this as me trying to ‘steal’ his prize and off he ran.    I did catch him- and managed to get the carrot out of his mouth and chopped up into pieces before giving it back to him.    He ate the entire thing.   It was hilarious.

A little while ago I was cooking dinner and he started whining.  I wondered if it was the carrot he wanted, so I peeled another small one, chopped it into four pieces and made him lie down.   Sure enough- that’s exactly what he wanted and he gobbled it right up, enjoying every crunchy bite.   I  think there’s a possibility that I’ve become one of ‘those’ pet owners who think the little things their pets do are just too precious for words.    I also made a video of him eating the carrot yesterday- and I’ll share it as soon as I get it edited and uploaded.

5 Responses to “Eat Your Carrots”

  1. maggie says:

    Clever little boy to get his carrots( veges). Perhaps he needs a bone to play with as well – does he have things like chop bones?? It was brocolli and grens in our household. I must agree with you about okra. I only came across okra afetr I left home and when boiled or stewed gets quite gluey. Fried however is another story entirely and highly addictive. Ahhhhh the memories you brought back here. Maggs

  2. Sunny says:

    I have had ( yuck) fried Okra one time and that was on a trip through South Carolina to Florida, years ago! Never again! lol, nooooo, nada, no anykind of slippery okra!

  3. Sunny says:

    You made me smile when I read about JJ and the carrot! Way funny! Lots of good vitamin A for him. Would love to see that Vid !

  4. Sunny says:

    Okay Mrs Hostess with the Mostest whipping up something in the kitchen I ever did hear of :

    Would you like to be my cook and get free room and board and get to go to the beach every day ? :)

    Just kidding of course…I’ll be moving to the North Land soon!

  5. admin says:

    Maggie it is slimy isn’t it? JJ does have a rawhide bone that he loves, but the carrot thing surprised me. I gave him another one earlier lol he gobbled it up.

    Sunny- I don’t like fried okra in restaurants either. Most of the time it isn’t cooked well enough, or it’s cooked and then left under the warmers and it’s slimy then too. I like it the way my mom and diddy cook it- it’s seasoned perfectly and then dipped in corn meal and fried til it’s crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside but not slimy. I can’t stand that slimy feeling- makes me want to gag.

    I will post the vid as soon as I get a chance to edit it and get it on youtube.. I need to start making more videos.

    haha at the hostess with the mostess :) That would be fun to be a cook :) Are you excited about your move???

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