Dream Locations

June 21st, 2016

While I was home- the one thing I seemed to hear consistently was that people really wanted us to move back, plus that they wanted to see my business come along with me. While I was there, I visited what would be my dream location for a shop. They had everything I would have ever wanted in a space, including Philadelphia expoxy flooring that I love so much. There is something about the look- the shine and beauty, that can’t be beat.

It seems that I already have a small customer base there, plus I’m honored that everyone seems to think that having a shop would create a big buzz in the area. The beautiful space I fell in love with is already the location of a beautiful local coffee shop. They serve breakfast and roast the beans on property. Their gorgeous flooring makes for an easy clean-up, while looking great, plus even though they only had a few baked goods in their glass case, I could almost imagine it filled with my own baked goods.

For years my dream was to own and run a Bed and Breakfast, which if you know me would be perfect for me. I adore people and am genuinely interested in their stories, plus I love to entertain, so this seems like a logical step for me. At the same time- I am and have been for as long as I can remember, passionate about baking and sharing that with others. Once I baked a cake for a friend and gave it to her when she stayed the night around her birthday time. She said no one had ever baked her a cake and she could tell it was made with love (and it was). It brought me more joy than I can express to have been able to give her that piece of love from my kitchen, and it’s one of the reasons I do what I do. Being able to add something special to a persons day- to bring a smile to their face- for them to taste the love. That’s why I do it, and the more people I can share that with- the more joyous I feel.

So is my business a possibility in my home town? Absolutely.

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