Doctor Visits

October 18th, 2010

This morning too bright and too early I had an appointment at the hospital to meet with a surgeon about a little procedure I need to have done.    It’s completely elective, but something I feel that I need to do and I was a little nervous about going.    I knew that nothing was going to happen today, but just the idea of being in the hospital and  knowing that eventually this was going to be the guy who would slice and dice a piece of my body made me nervous.    I wondered what I’d do if I didn’t like him, since I knew he was one of the best in his field in the area.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to worry about that and within seconds of meeting him I felt at ease.  He was SUPER nice and explained the procedure that he’d do and my first question after finding out that I wouldn’t have to be put to sleep, but would be under a local was how long the procedure would take.   His response was that it would only take 30 minutes which was a huge relief.    I did tell him that doctors and surgeries made me nervous and he smiled telling me that I have nothing to be nervous about.    Somehow- I believe him.

When I finished my consult, he instructed me to visit his assistant to make an appointment.   They wanted to do the surgery November 4th, with me having the stitches removed a week later.    I declined because that is a little too close to our vacation.   On the off chance that there are complications, such as infection, I want to make sure that nothing avoidable delays our trip.    So, we agreed that I’d have it done when I return after the first of the year.   It will probably end up being sometime in early February.     Right now I’m comfortable with that, but in the meantime, I have several months to tell myself I have nothing to be nervous about.

4 Responses to “Doctor Visits”

  1. lin says:

    I’m very glad I dropped by here today… just when you’re in need of a some prayers & a lil courage.
    Consider the former done!

    Since you’ve stated that it’s elective, I won’t even bother to worry, however, I WILL keep a positive thought for you, my friend. Hope everything works out as it’s supposed to w/ absolutely NO complications!

    Love You, My Wiz-Woman!





  2. maggie says:

    You have absolutely nothing to worry about.

  3. admin says:

    I’m always happy to see you drop in Lin- and Thank you for your words of encouragement :)

    Love you my friend :)


    Thanks Maggie- I am pretty confident but nervous lol

  4. Dani says:

    Elective or not, any type of surgery is icky. I am having some as well next week.
    Thinking of you!

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