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Things Come and Go So Quickly Here

March 19th, 2010

Remember how I was going on yesterday about how Spring had arrived and that it was as though we’d awakened with a huge change in the temps? Well, I think I spoke too soon. This morning I woke up to beautiful blue skies and sunshine and ventured out with the dog in just a sweatshirt and jogging pants. I think it was my first time without a jacket in months, but I could tell that the air had a little bite in it this morning that it didn’t have yesterday. The wind was blowing and even though it was cold, it wasn’t unpleasant.

I stopped for a little chat with one of my neighbors who was talking to me about how she’d been looking at entertainment centers for her new television. She said that her husband wanted it mounted on the walll, and she liked the idea of putting it in a cabinet so that she could close the TV away when it wasn’t in use. Since ours is exactly like that, including the PC, I told her I had to go with her idea. Choosing a wall mount would save space, but that’s about it.

Which would you prefer, to have your TV hidden, or to have it displayed on the wall like a trophy?

After our chat, I came back in where I spent most of the morning catching up on a few things inside. Sometime when I wasn’t looking the clouds rolled in, the temps dropped and the rains started. Hopefully that won’t last for long, although right now it’s not looking too promising.

What Would You Choose?

June 6th, 2009

Occasionally I enjoy turning to my trusty iPhone for questions to present to you here on my little space out here in cyberspace. I’ll admit having a fixation for the ‘apps’ (short for applications) on the phone, and find myself downloading things just to see how they work.

Some of my favorites aside from the geeky technical stuff are the ‘Question of the Day’ and now a new favorite ‘What would You Choose’? So from time to time, in addition to the Question of the Day, you’ll find this new category with the simple question of: What would you choose? if given a particular scenario.

So- with all that being said- Today’s What Would You Choose, is as follows:

What Would You Choose?

Be mentally insane, but no one thinks you are


Have everyone think you’re insane when you’re not?

There you have it.  Now, what would YOU choose?  Inquiring minds wanna know.

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