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Finding Pokemon

July 18th, 2016

To know me is to know that when new ‘tech’ things hit the market that get a lot of buzz- then my curiosity get the better of me and I want to know what the buzz is all about. Such was the case when the Pokemon Go app hit the market and the world erupted in more movement and gathering in spots to catch critters on the ‘Poke trail’.

Now, some of you are familiar with the original Pokemon. I am not one of those people. I don’t live under a rock, so I had heard of it ‘back in the day’, but it wasn’t something that interested me. Still, I couldn’t help but download this Pokemon Go app to see what all the hype was about.

I didn’t read tutorials, I didn’t read ‘about’ the game, so I really had no clue what the objective was, although because I’m somewhat tech savvy- I did figure out quickly that you wander around- and Pokemons appear and you capture then by tossing balls at them- It’s silly, but it has a charm about it. Good, innocent fun- as far as I’m concerned, you can’t go wrong there.

I’ve seen A LOT of people talking about how ridiculous they think it is that when there are so many serious issues happening globally that Pokemon would get all this attention that people could be focusing on other more serious issues.

My thoughts on that- I think the world needs to stop being so focused on what’s wrong- and take some time to chill- and have a little fun. Everyone has an opinion about what everyone is doing wrong these days- but no one seems to be focused on what anyone is doing right- THAT makes me sad.

When I see people playing Pokemon- I see smiles and laughter. I ran into two strangers the other day- They were 30 somethings and I’m clearly a late 40 something- and when they saw that my phone screen was opened to Pokemon- they immediately started talking to me- laughing and sharing about their game experience.

I had the same with my neighbor- whom I adore anyway, but I ran into her on the street and I had my game open- to see what was in the area- and Marcel said- Oh No- she’s doing Pokemon too! We laughed, chatted about the game and she said where she used to take her dog on 15 minute walks- she’s now taking him on 30+ minute walks- simply because she wants to see what kind of Pokemons she can find.

I’ve seen parents with their children out searching- It’s bringing people together, it”s positive and it is encouraging people to move more.

In my book- bring on more Pokemon!

Oops speaking of which- I just spotted one of those worm ones on Mister M. Gotta catch em all! Later!

Fun in the Making

July 22nd, 2014

With Marcel and I on the countdown til our two-month holiday later this year, we’ve been doing a lot of planning. We both love to travel, and when travel involves being back ‘home’ with family and friends, it makes it even better.

This year- will be extra special, because two of our really good friends here, will be flying into Orlando and traveling across the Deep South and spending a few weeks with us, our family and friends. It will be a first for them, and I’m looking forward to sharing the area with them.

In addition, some high school friends are planning a big get together, and they’ve been searching for someone to cater the event, plus looking for a dj so we can ‘dance the night away’ to put it in the words of one of the girls.

There is so much to look forward to, and much planning to be made, but in the meantime- we still have much to look forward to on this side of the pond.

Robbie in Concert

August 22nd, 2013

Last week I was looking at some photos of a recent Robbie Williams concert one of my friends was at- and I couldn’t help but have a slight twinge of envy. I’ve been a huge fan of his music since before he ever broke out in the US market- and seeing the photos and the great view they had with the best stage monitors made it even more amazing. You could see everything from them! Not to mention she had great seats. She said the energy in the area was out of this world- and I can see why. It’s on my list- of must sees.

Survivor- Fans -vs- Favorites

May 17th, 2013

Rarely do I talk about television shows on here-  but sometimes something happens and I just can’t help myself.     I will admit that there are not many reality TV shows that I follow-   The world seems to have become inundated with them and most of them are just flat out crazy, but Survivor is different, at least to me.

I’ve followed it since the very first season.  The season where Richard Hatch walked around naked- and Rudy- the ex Navy seal stole my heart at the age of 72 years old.      I’ve watched every single season-   I’ve cheered with some of the victories, and yelled at some of the seeming injustful moments.     It goes without saying that Survivor has a piece of my heart.

Several years ago-   I had the opportunity to sit down for a while and chat with J.T.   one of the million dollar winnars.    He was able to answer some of the questions for me that I had always wondered about-   including sharing a little insight on some of the players that I really had to know what they were ‘really like’.   I’m happy to say that J.T. was just as sweet in person as he was on the show- and since I met him in a one-on-one environment- outside of the spotlights and hooplah of television- I felt I really got to see a piece of the real guy and what his life really is like now-  post Survivor.

This season was no different.. I watched every week and actually found that this season had quite a few players that I found myself really rooting for.   Rarely is there more than two that I want to win-  but between John Cochran-  Malcom- and Brenda, I couldn’t decide.  I even liked Dawn and wouldn’t have minded her winning, but honestly- I was THRILLED to see Cochran win..   When I heard the first three votes-  I knew that he had received every single vote to win.   I admit- I cried.   I felt his joy-   the full-circle moment for him of watching the game as a teenager- and not only playing the game that he’d written his Harvard thesis on- but coming back the second time and winning.

I’ll admit that being on Survivor is a dream of mine..  Have I tried out?  NO, and I don’t plan on doing so- the reason why-   HUGE spiders..   I would get voted out the first week because they’d want me to stop screaming everytime I saw a spider.    Plus after hearing some of the behind the scenes stuff– it probably wouldn’t be just the spiders that scared me.  There are lots of creepy crawlies in the jungle..   and also stinky people-   neither are a good combination for me :)

So I’ll sit on the sidelines and continue to be a fan-   cheering my favorite player (or players) in hopes of them playing the perfect social and strategic game and walking away with the cool million.

September isn’t that far away-   Blood -vs- Water.   That one has me intrigued.


March 25th, 2011

Marcel has big plans to watch soccer tonight, so I guess that means one of two things- Either I’ll watch something pointless on television, or I’ll watch the episodes of Survivor and Off the Map that I recorded earlier in the week. I think the latter wins- I’ll take one of our toshiba laptop computers, (as we have two) into the bedroom so that maybe I can even catch up on a few emails during commercials.

He’s working this weekend and with Desere home from the hospital and me feeling better, I’m going to try to get some stuff done around here. The house is in need of a little TLC, plus I really need to write a few snail mail letters.

What are YOUR weekend plans?

First Things First

February 18th, 2011

First, let me say that Wednesday nights season opening of Survivor was the best first episode I’ve EVER seen in all the seasons I’ve watched. I generally take several episodes before I actually choose a player or two to follow, but I’ve already got my eye on a couple. With that being said, I hope Boston Rob wins. I know he’s played the game before and now there are all new players who deserve their chance, but right now I hope he wins. I have heard that he’s a super nice person in ‘real life’ and I honestly would like to see him walk away with the cool million. My opinion could change, but right now that’s where I stand.

I did leave y’all a little teaser the other day about having the opportunity to meet one of the prior winners and said I’d tell y’all later who it was. He is actually one of my favorite players ever, so it was great to hear ‘after the fact’ that he lived where he lives. That made it even more special for me.

That person was “insert drumroll here”- JT- the winner of Survivor: Tocantins. (He also played in the Heros -vs- Villians season)

When I heard that JT was a friend of a friend, I knew that if at all possible, I wanted to meet him. I begged mom to try to make it happen for me, and our friend Cindy did indeed make it happen. Diddy, Marcel and I went to visit JT and we had a blast. I knew that JT had a LOT going on that day with his everyday life stuff, and when I found out that he’d set up a time for us to meet- it happened to be on a day that I was at home with no car. Diddy had gone to a funeral and mom was working, so I was scared that I was going to miss my chance.

Cindy called, talked to him and he made other arrangements. He said that he would make sure it happened, and it did. The four of us + Cindy spent about an hour to an hour and a half talking. We played with his adorable dog, talked about Survivor (naturally), talked about some of the players and also talked about other things. I invited him and his girlfriend to visit and offered to show them around if they do and I meant it.

He is a very genuine person and a hard worker in addition to being very smart. I appreciated him taking the time out of his schedule to spend some time with me- someone who has been a fan of the game since Day 1. There you have it- a little about my chat with one of my favorite Survivor players- JT.

Survivor- Redemption Island

February 16th, 2011

To know me is to know that I am a die-hard fan of the reality TV show Survivor. I’ve been watching since the first season when Richard Hatch took away the cool million prize for being the sole survivor (which later he got in trouble with the IRS for due to tax evasion). I always hate to see a season end, but start counting down for the new season to begin.

Tonight IS that night. Redemption Island- which according to Jeff Probst is going to be one of the best seasons ever. It ranks within his top five, so I’m highly curious and excited at the same time.

This season will bring back two old favorites, Boston Rob and Russell. In early sesasons I really couldn’t stand Rob, but during the Heros -vs- Villians season, I actually grew to like him a LOT. As far as Russell is concerned- he’s one that I believe we all love to hate. The first season that he was on the show, I couldn’t stand him, but I thought he played the game pretty well. After all- I don’t know anyone else who has ever found all the hidden immunity idols with no clues. Since then, my opinion of him has only changed for the worst and I hope to see something different in him tonight, although it’s highly doubtful. Time will tell.

While I was home for the holidays- I also had the opportunity to meet and spend time with one of the winners of Survivor. It was actually one of my favorite players EVER, so it was great to spend some time in a casual setting chatting and learning more about my favorite game. Wondering who it is? I’ll share that in the days to come. Meeting this person was on my ‘bucket list’ so it was awesome to be able to scratch that off. I’ve even invited them to spend some time with us if they come to our part of the country and who knows, maybe they’ll take us up on it.

More on all that later- Don’t forget that Survivor is on CBS at a new day (Wednesday instead of Thursday). Look forward to talking about it tomorrow or in the days to come as the season begins to unfold. Can you tell I’m excited?

Game Day

December 19th, 2010

I think the biggest male bonding moments that Marcel and diddy have are over sports. I’m not sure why that surprises me, but since Marcel is more of a soccer guy, and diddy a football guy- I didn’t expect to see either one of them to make any sort of cross-over to the other sport even though they often check out Yahoo Sports together. The past couple of weeks I’ve noticed that Marcel has been watching the Saint’s and other football games with diddy. I’m pretty certain that he’s never going to forget his first love of soccer, but I notice more and more that he seems to be really getting into the games.

As I type this entry, he’s watching the Saint’s with dad and I’ve even heard him cheering for the Saint’s several times. I know it’s probably too late to get it before Christmas, but I think that I’m going to pick up a Saint’s football t-shirt before we head home. I have a feeling that he’ll love having one and you don’t see many of those in the land of Never. It’s commercial time now- and they are discussing the plays and the game, just like two old pals. Something about that brings a big smile to my face.

Hattiesburg Bound

November 20th, 2010

Today Marcel and I are heading about an hour North with Tommy and Samantha to the USM college campus. The twins go to school there so we’re going to see them. We’re also going to watch USM play whoever it is they are playing today. We have amazing seats, plus it will be Marcel’s first college football experience.

I can’t wait to see the girls, but I also can’t wait to see how much the campus has changed since I went to school there- oh so many years ago. We’re leaving at 11, but the game doesn’t start until 6, giving us plenty of tailgating time. That will be a first for me. I’m not a fan of football- in fact none of us are, but I have no doubt we’ll have a blast.

Don’t forget to enter the Nestle Baking Holiday Give Away that you can find in a previous entry- along with all the rules. I’ll be giving away 3 baking baskets, so don’t forget to enter and share with your friends.

Previously on—-

September 17th, 2010

Did y’all see the first episode of Survivor Nicaragua on Wednesday night?   There was no way I was going to miss it and have been waiting for it to start since the last season ended.   I’ve been watching Survivor since the very first season and Richard Hatch won the million- only to get in trouble later with the IRS for tax evasion.   

I have loved each season, but I have to say that up until this point- last years Heros -vs- Villians has been my all time favorite.   There were so many of my favorites playing and it was wonderful. 

This season, promises to be good as well.   I try not to read much about the contestants before the show so that I can get a feel of them as the show starts.  After the first episode I usually go to CBS and read all about the players, where they’re from- etc.    I was extremely surprised to see Jimmy Johnson on the show, and while I’m not a fan of football, I do believe that he can motivate the team he’s on and bring them to victory.   Let’s just hope they can get past their own suspicions of him and let him do what he does best.  

I have to say that the girl they voted off was a smart choice.  When she did that whole ‘closing argument’ before the vote, I wanted to vote her out myself just to shut her up.   Trust me- coming from someone who talks alot herself, that’s saying a lot.  I can’t wait to see what unfolds and remember that Survivor airs on Wednesday nights on CBS this year, instead of Thursdays.   See you there!

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