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Finally- Apple Event

September 1st, 2017

If you know me in my every day life-   then you know that I’ve forgone renewing my cell phone contract because I’ve been waiting for the September Apple event.    FINALLY, it has officially been announced for September 12th, where we can (hopefully) expect three new phones, one of which being the iPhone 8.    I can’t wait.

An iPhone was my first smart phone and while my other half prefers an Android phone-  I do not.    I always do all of his tech work, plus I’m also my parents tech person, so I was thrilled when they decided to go iPhone and I  have been waiting for this event.

I went back and forth on whether to grab the iPhone 7 Plus when my contract expired, because I really wanted it for my London birthday trip, but in the end-  I decided to opt with keeping the 6 that I have and waiting, albeit no so patiently.

I’ve read the rumor pages and I’m curious.    Which one will I end up with?  That remains to be seen, but to say I’m excited is the understatement of the year.    Yes-  I know-  I’m a tech geek- and guess what?  I love it!

Alive and Kicking

April 21st, 2017

I know-  I know — it has been a while.    While life has definitely been keeping me busy-  the reality of why I haven’t written is a little more complicated.

My laptop died.    (insert sad music here)

If there is a silver lining to this-  it’s that my beloved was still under warranty-   so it left this week to be repaired (or hopefully replaced) .

It started acting oddly about two months ago-  the screen would randomly go black, even though it was still running.   The only thing I could do was shut it down and restart.    I suspected a video card driver was the problem, but before I could sort that out-  it started shutting down and rebooting randomly.   I checked the activity log- and it would show that it was a critical shut down, but no clear reason why-    so the puzzle continued.

Even though it was under warranty-  I didn’t want to have to send it for warranty work, because I need my computer for work-  so-   I backed everything up- did a reset.

For a few days it worked perfectly and all was well in the world.

But then around the time of the full moon (cue Twilight Zone music here) the thing went HAYWIRE!       It started with the aforementioned ‘issues’ which escalated to my computer having this weird white noise looking screen where I had to restart-  and it said it was updating and then wouldn’t do anything- and finally it went out-   completely out- and wouldn’t start.. (insert sad face here )

I have always loved Toshiba computers– have had quite a few-  plus recommended them to others, but this one has not been as great as the others I’ve owned.

I packaged it up, returned it on Tuesday, so hopefully I’ll have some answers soon.

In the meantime-    My communication may continued to be sporadic- as typing on an iPhone isn’t ideal.

It’s FriYAY though- and that’s worth celebrating!

Finding Pokemon

July 18th, 2016

To know me is to know that when new ‘tech’ things hit the market that get a lot of buzz- then my curiosity get the better of me and I want to know what the buzz is all about. Such was the case when the Pokemon Go app hit the market and the world erupted in more movement and gathering in spots to catch critters on the ‘Poke trail’.

Now, some of you are familiar with the original Pokemon. I am not one of those people. I don’t live under a rock, so I had heard of it ‘back in the day’, but it wasn’t something that interested me. Still, I couldn’t help but download this Pokemon Go app to see what all the hype was about.

I didn’t read tutorials, I didn’t read ‘about’ the game, so I really had no clue what the objective was, although because I’m somewhat tech savvy- I did figure out quickly that you wander around- and Pokemons appear and you capture then by tossing balls at them- It’s silly, but it has a charm about it. Good, innocent fun- as far as I’m concerned, you can’t go wrong there.

I’ve seen A LOT of people talking about how ridiculous they think it is that when there are so many serious issues happening globally that Pokemon would get all this attention that people could be focusing on other more serious issues.

My thoughts on that- I think the world needs to stop being so focused on what’s wrong- and take some time to chill- and have a little fun. Everyone has an opinion about what everyone is doing wrong these days- but no one seems to be focused on what anyone is doing right- THAT makes me sad.

When I see people playing Pokemon- I see smiles and laughter. I ran into two strangers the other day- They were 30 somethings and I’m clearly a late 40 something- and when they saw that my phone screen was opened to Pokemon- they immediately started talking to me- laughing and sharing about their game experience.

I had the same with my neighbor- whom I adore anyway, but I ran into her on the street and I had my game open- to see what was in the area- and Marcel said- Oh No- she’s doing Pokemon too! We laughed, chatted about the game and she said where she used to take her dog on 15 minute walks- she’s now taking him on 30+ minute walks- simply because she wants to see what kind of Pokemons she can find.

I’ve seen parents with their children out searching- It’s bringing people together, it”s positive and it is encouraging people to move more.

In my book- bring on more Pokemon!

Oops speaking of which- I just spotted one of those worm ones on Mister M. Gotta catch em all! Later!

I Love Great Customer Service

August 7th, 2015

I celebrate many things in life daily, but one thing I never fail to celebrate is amazing customer service. I had a problem with an Amazon order last week, and as soon as I realized, I gave them a call. During the course of getting it all sorted, I spoke to four different Amazon professionals, all of which were courteous and went above and beyond their duties as a customer service representative.

It’s these type of ‘little things’ that find me loyal to so many companies- both large and small. What about you? Do you find yourself being more loyal to companies who offer out-of-this-world customer service?

Thank you Amazon!

Listening In

August 7th, 2015

I was watching a video from a concert a few days ago on my Facebook and I noticed that the lead singer had something in his ear. Since he is actually the brother of a friend, I dropped her a note and asked if it was some sort of device do drown out the sounds around him, but in reality it ended up being It was something I’d never heard of, but I love how it gives the band members a way to hear from their manager or anyone else they need to hear from during performance.

Catch the Bargain Shopping Bug

May 3rd, 2015

To know me is to know how much I absolutely love a good bargain. Over the years I’ve written about deals I’ve found here and there online, plus doing a quick search and finding a discount code for said items and saving even more. To know me is to also know that I don’t purchase anything online anymore without first doing a quick search at sites like VouchaCodes to see if I can save a little extra. It adds maybe five minutes total to my online shopping time, and it has the potential to save me quite a bit. So who wouldn’t want to do that?

I know some people don’t have a lot of patience for shopping online, much less actually searching for discount codes. My mom is one of those people, but she also knows before she buys- to at least call her favorite (and only) daughter so that I can run a quick search for her, and that little trick has also saved her and diddy quite a bit over the years. I figure it’s the least I can do after all the have done for me in my lifetime, plus I consider it fun! After all, that’s why the sites are there, to help us save a little moolah, and this girl doesn’t want to pay more than I have to.

I’m curious though, what’s the most you’ve ever saved on a single purchase online by taking the time to look for a coupon or voucher code? My biggest was actually this past year- something I’d been eyeing for a long time but wasn’t wanting to pay the price. I kept looking and couldn’t find any codes, but one day I did. I actually thought because it was 100.00 that it would surely not be the ‘real deal’, so when I got home- I added the item to my cart, used said code and voila- 100 discount off my total purchase. Needless to say, that was exactly what I’d been waiting for, and the deciding factor on the purchase. That purchase was also my Christmas gift from Marcel last year, so a double win.

Ode to Graduation Day and Technology

May 21st, 2014

oanda Two weeks ago Friday- my favorite twins, and also two of my favorite people in the world closed the four-year chapter book in their lives at University of Southern Mississippi and now set off to open new doors- and travel another path of greatness.

Words can’t begin to describe how proud of them I am-   after all, I’ve watched them grow (from afar) into the beautiful, amazingly talented young women that they are.    I’ve shared in their laughter, their tears, their triumphs and struggles.

It was hard for me to know that I couldn’t be there, as it is for any great milestone that happens back ‘home’.   I knew Samantha and I would be messaging back and forth as the day would allow, but nothing is like being there.

I struggled with it- and had it not been our year to travel home for the holidays- I suspect I would have made the trip to see them walk, but as it turns out-   a little Google search, and I was able to find that I could watch them live- via the Internet and a life stream.

Seeing that was one of the biggest moments of joy I felt that week-  I cried, what Oprah would call ‘the ugly cry’, because I knew in some small way- I could be there.

The graduating class was large, so they had two ceremonies to break it up a little for the families.   Since most people don’t have twins or two children graduating at the same time, it makes it easy for them to have a two hour ceremony and the day moves on, but for Samantha, Tommy, Olivia, Ainsley and the rest of the gang-   it meant an all day affair.   Ainsley graduated at 10:30 am commencement, and Olivia at 2:30 pm.     I watched them both- I cheered, I cried and mostly I felt immense joy for these two beautiful young women who are starting the next chapter of their lives, and that because of the beauty and power of the Internet-  it bridged the miles and gave me a front row seat.



Ode to Savings AND a Coupon Code

March 25th, 2014

To know me is to know that I LOVE a good deal, and even more than a good deal- I love being able to share that deal with others. I can’t remember if I’ve written on here about iHerb before or not, but iHerb is THE BEST online store for any and everything your heart desires for healthy products.

I’ve ordered from them several times- quite a few of my friends are regular customers, and since they have free shipping over 40.00, I believe it is- you can’t go wrong. They have a great selection of Bob’s Red Mill products- so I tend to order steel-cut oats from them, along with various flours- think coconut, quinoa, sorghum, blue corn and the list goes one.

They also have a ‘free’ product that you can choose from a list- and they’ll include it in your box. I call it a little extra bit of ‘happy’. They have skin products- snack products (Blue Diamond almond thins and Beanitos are two of our faves.), and pretty much all sorts of amazing things, for no more than you’d pay for the same items somewhere else, and in some cases- they are even less expensive, which is a win-win all around.

Their turn around time is also SUPER fast- so I can’t sing their praises high enough. I don’t work for them, and they aren’t paying me to write this- I just like their site and thought I’d share since I was putting my own order together.

They also sent me an email several days ago that they’re having a special so I’ll receive a 5% discount over 60.00, which is a great thing- and if you happened to be a new customer- you will also receive an additional 10.00 off your total order if you spend 40.00 and 5. off if you spend less than 40.

You can find them by visiting or visit the site directly at and use the iHerb coupon code “QJK474” at check out. Enjoy! You can thank me later!

Well- Hello Sunshine

May 20th, 2013


One day when I was perusing one of my favorite websites, I came across this cover for the iPhone 5.   At that particular moment, I didn’t own the newest of the iPhone family, but it was almost time for me to renew my contract and there was no question in my mind as to whether I would go with anything other than my beloved iPhone.     I know-  there are some iPhone and Apple haters out there, which is all fine and good. I am NOT one of them!

It was love at first use back with the 3G- and I’ve been sold ever since.   I did have a slight hesistation as to whether to wait until the next generation came out- but I didn’t anticipate a huge change, so I ended up going with the current model. (No one ever said I claimed to be patient.)

Now back to the photo at your right-   I fell in love with this cover and I admit, I ordered it before I had the phone.   I adored my other cover from Kate Spade- and I knew that even though the design had changed, I’d still love it-    One of my favorite things is that there is a little message on the inside of the cover- that only you see as you are putting the phone in its space.    My old cover said “Have Courage” and this one said “Live Colorfully”, which is something I try to do in every aspect of life.  I guess those who have known me for any length of time- know that I’ve always been that way..   daring to be different and not really caring what the masses think.    I am who I am- I have good inentions- and love me or hate me-  I’m me.

To make my ‘look’ complete-  my best friend of more than half my life-   someone I consider famly and one of my deepest confidants.. made me background with the image (minus the text) and my name-     It is just the cutest thing EVER!

Yes- it makes me smile when I look at it-   a little piece of sunshine, regardless of what the skies may say.


Keeping Up

April 2nd, 2013

Sometimes towards the end of the year last year- I stopped watching the news. I know, I’ve gotten flack about not being ‘with the times’ from quite a few people, but truth is, I want to be able to control what kind of ‘stuff’ goes into my head. Some most of the news is quite negative and I just decided not to listen.    Of course, with eliminating the news also meant that I would be missing out on other news worthy things-   such as the Dow Jones and NASDAQ.    I’ll admit that I don’t know much about trading, but I do like to follow what’s happening and have learned quite a bit from friends that I have who actually work in the business. To the point that I did start doing my own research on the trend in penny stocks and even on the Tim Sykes challenge. With all the uncertainty in the market, plus with all the ups and downs on Wall Street these days, so many people are actually investing in penny stocks and turning a pretty good profit. To the point of having me actually considering trying it too. I don’t have any intention of investing large amounts of capitol, but I think it would be interesting to invest a little and see where it takes me. What do I have to lose?

It’s one thing I do miss about the news, but like most things- there’s always an app to help keep me up to date. What did we ever do before smart phones and Internet?

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