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March 26- April 1 (Photo 365- Last Post)

April 1st, 2012

Wow- It’s hard to believe that it has been a full year since I took on the challenge to start the Photo 365 project.  I wasn’t sure if I would be able to keep up with it- and in spite of taking the photos, I have gotten behind on posting them (as with the case with the carpal tunnel and while on vacation), but I did it!   A full year of photos!     Several others started this adventure with me on the same date and I don’t think they’ve been able to complete their year- but since it’s about fun, I say people should post and do what works for them!

I’m definitely going to start spending more time with my Nikon, and see what I can come up with-   It’s been collecting dust only to be brought out when I take cupcake photos or special occasion photos- and it needs some use.    In the meantime-  enjoy this last week of shots.  It has been a fun project and I’d highly recommend it.

March 26-

Several years ago Marcel and I went to Bulgaria on vacation and I picked up some lace there-  This is the piece that I bought there for myself.    Something about it reminds me of the swirl of a hurricane.  I’m not sure why.

It is amazing how a tiny piece of string can be woven together to create something so beautiful.   I keep it on my coffee table- and each time I pause to look at it- it reminds me of a wonderful vacation with the man I love.


March 27-


This is actually a little box to keep something in and was given to me several years ago as a belated birthday gift.   It is cute- and I do love cats, but I’ve never used it to store anything.

I’ve been going through things that I no longer use and either throwing it away or finding other ways to use it (or sending to the recycle store) and this is one of those things.  I’m considering using it to store business receipts- but I haven’t decided yet for sure if it will work.  If not- off to the recycle store it goes- but it really is cute.


March 28-


This silver fortune cookie was also a gift-  from someone who I love dearly.  Better than the fortune cookie itself is the gift of friendship from the person it came from.   Inside is the fortune that the person created for me- with a beautiful quote.

If for no other reason than the gift of renewing this long-term friendship- this is why I love the Internet and the power it possess to reunite people.


March 29-


These are “Sugar Cookie Cupcakes” that I made for a delivery bright and early yesterday morning.   It was a special order and since I didn’t have sugar cookie cupcakes on the menu- I had to do my homework to try to create something that the customer would love.

They later told me that they thought the result was fantastic- so I was a very happy me.     Needless to say- the flavor of the cupcake is really good, so I’ve decided to add it to my menu.   In fact, I’m going to be making some more tomorrow and playing around with flavors and such.  I love how inspiration works!


March 30-

A couple of years ago, I saw this little LED flashlight in my O Magazine.  I fell in love with it- and also with the great price (less than 10.00 each at the time) and decided that I wanted to get one for everyone in my immediate family, so I did.    They are waterproof and super tiny (but produce a lot of light) and everyone loved them- myself included.  This is mine- which I keep in the drawer on the coffee table for easy access.   Marcel keeps his in the drawer on his night stand for easy access during the night.   I’m not sure if Brookstone still sells them- but they truely are one of my all-time favorites.


March 31-


This is one of my favorite refillable pens.   As you can see- it’s colorful (like me haha)  and I use it from time to time when writing letters (yes, the old fashioned kind- I love them and I think it’s a dying art) unless I need a colored pen to write with.

I love writing instruments and I also love pretty paper.  Marcel tells me all the time that I have enough of both to last me a lifetime- but I highly disagree.   One can never have too many pens, or too much paper.


April 1-

I was cleaning out my computer hutch last week and came across this quote inside an old tin that I store things in.    It was surprising to me, because I don’t remember ever writing it down, but I did- and on the back of an old, worn envelope.

I’m not sure who can be credited with saying it-  and based on my handwriting, I  scrawled it down not wanting to miss it, but finding it was like finding a treasure.   It fits in with what I’ve really been thinking about a lot lately and that’s being true to myself in spite of it maybe not being the ‘popular’ thing amongst others.  I’ve found though- that the people who really care about me and who want to see others living their best life possible aren’t threatened by the change and don’t take it as being about them.  It’s in this lesson that I’m learning who my true friends really are.   I’m grateful-  very grateful.

So as the last picture in the Photo 365 series of my little blog- I leave you with this quote-   “We are so accustomed to disquise ourselves to others that in the end we become disquised to ourselves.” –unknown

A little Sunday Food for Thought.

March 19-25 (Photo 365)

March 31st, 2012

March 19-

My first ‘little blue box’ came during Christmas 2010 when Marcel gave me this Tiffany key that I’d been eyeing for most of the year.  I’d love to say that it was a surprise, but since he never orders anything online, he told me that he wanted me to have it and suggested that I order it for myself- and he would wrap it up and put it under the tree for me.

So it wasn’t actually a surprise, but I love it just as much as if it had been.  After all- it’s the thought that counts, right?


March 20-

This is another one of those times when I look somewhere and realize that I haven’t taken pictures of any of the things around me-   in this case it was my jewlery drawer.

This is a VERY old 18k gold pocket watch that belonged to Marcel’s grandfather or great grandfather (I’m unsure which and so is he).   We usually keep it somewhere else, but we had taken it for an appraisal and I put it in the drawer when I was done with it until we could get it back where it belongs.    It’s an amazing piece of art and I don’t think pieces are made like that anymore.

I also have to wonder if that watch could talk-what kind of stories it would tell.


March 21-


While we are on the subject of watches-  I have this love affair with them and this happens to be one of my favorites, which needs a battery at the moment.

I love bright colors- with yellow and read being two of my favorites.   Several years ago mom and diddy gave this to me as a Christmas gift and it has been one of my favorites of all times.    In fact- I have been thinking that I need one similar in a bright red color.


March 22-


Another one of those things I’ve always loved is perfume.  Growing up I would have to put my perfume on outside because mom was allergic to so many scents.    Now as I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that I have many of the same allergies that mom has that never bothered me when I was younger (cigarette smoke, perfumes, potpourris, soaps, etc.)      For quite a few years I stopped wearing perfume at all.  I had several bottles of perfume that I gave away because I just couldn’t wear it without feeling sick and I’d pretty much given up the idea of ever wearing perfume again when Samantha showed me the perfume that she wears.    The scent didn’t bother me, so I tried some on to see if I could handle it, and I could!    Since then I’ve been wearing it regularly-   and its yet to let me down.   It’s the original Burberry and none of the other scents that they’ve come up with over the years.    It’s another one of my ‘favorites’ that I’m so grateful for!

March 23-


Mr. M-  my favorite little feline.

He was actually about to pounce a string that was dangling and as you can see from his eyes- he was getting that ‘wild’ look that cats get just before they start plotting their attack.

Once I took the picture I played with him a little while, something he does far too little of these days because JJ just doesn’t allow for the kind of play that Mister M. is so fond of.


March 24-

I love these words and I can’t look at them often enough-  They serve as a reminder to me and also are printed on my favorite tote bag-  a gift to me from none other than Samantha.   We both share a love of Kate Spade and also of pretty things- and she probably knows me better than most.

I’m So ready to get home and spend some time with her eating sushi, laughing and shopping!    I wish I was packing now!


March 25-


I may have posted a shot of this book before- but I love it.   Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love quotes and this is one that I absolutely adore.

It’s one that the O Magazine put together a few years ago and I’m happy that I ordered it.   There is nothing like the written word to encourage, inspire and warm the heart.

March 12-18 (Photo 365)

March 31st, 2012

Since the Photo 365 project officially ends today (for me)-  I wanted to make sure that I shared all the photos that I’ve taken so that I can close the project on time.   I did decide that since tomorrow is Sunday- and would generally officially end a week of photos- that I’ll end it tomorrow with a full weeks worth of photos- as opposed to just six.   It will be the last in the year in pictures- but I’m already thinking of a new project involving photograph- and I think I know just the one.

My arm has limited me a little in turning on the computer, so I tend to try to get as much done as possible when I do turn it on.

March 12-

This is one of a set of little garden people that my mother-in-law gave me several years ago.  She found them at a flea market somewhere and thought I’d like them and I do.   They are cute and I appreciated her thinking of me.   This year I think they’re going to make the move outside and adorn the edge of a flower pot as a decoration since I think they would be cute outside.


March 13-


This has been the ‘hot spot’ outside for the entire winter and now the spring as well-  the bird feeder filled with peanuts.   The chickadee’s love them, which is who I bought them for, but it doesn’t cease to amaze me when I watch the doves and the crows attempt to put their feet and weight on the perch (which doesn’t work) and attempt to ‘hover’ long enough to grab a peanut or two.

It has worked a few times for the crows, but the doves tend to camp out under the container in hopes of someone dropping something.


March 14-

These are the cushions for our outdoor furniture that is ready and waiting to be used.    I love the colors, which scream happiness and FUN.   Now all we need is the temps to warm up a little more and to see some more sun filled days- so I can retire outside with a good book, a cup of coffee and relax.

It’s coming-  soon- I just know it.


March 15-

One of the things I have been doing a lot of is attempting to rid my fluffy little Mister M. of his winter coat by brushing him regularly outside.

As you can see from this huge pile of fluff- it’s working but his shedding is worse than I think I’ve ever seen it.   I’m not sure why-   but it seems like I’m brushing him daily and sometimes more than once.

I left the fur behind so that the birds who are starting to nest can use his fur as a lining to their nests.  It sounds crazy I know, but they love it.

March 16-

I’ve noticed that I go through these phases where I post things in specific areas of the house- or outside.    This is a shot that I took of a candle holder that’s hanging on the wall outside.  It looks rusty- but it isn’t really, it’s the look of the holder and several other items that we have hanging outside and love.   It’s made from old cast iron and is beautiful on summer eves when we’re hanging around outside and have a few candles burning in the holders.  They give off such a great ambiance.    Can you tell I am ready to start spending more time outdoors entertaining?


March 17-


This is probably one of my most cherished possessions. Ok- not probably it IS one of my most cherished possessions.  It’s a quilt made by my great aunt Lois, whom I absolutely adore.

I try not to use it too much because I don’t want it to wear out.   She offered me my choice of any of her hand-made quilts when I was home last time and while I felt weird about taking one, I knew she wanted me to- so I did.   I’m glad that I did because it’s SO special to me and ranks right up there with the afghan that my grandmother made for me as a graduation gift when she was dying of cancer.

Both of my grandma’s are gone- and Aunt Lois has become a grandmother figure to me.  I miss her so much and can’t wait to see her when we get home.


March 18-

I absolutely love jewelry and thankfully I have a husband who loves to give it to me.  Over the years he has given me some beautiful and amazing jewelry- one of which is this charm bracelet by German designer Thomas Sabo.   I have several other pieces from his collection (earrings and necklace) but this little bracelet has to be my favorite.    Several times a year they come out with a new collection of charms and there are always some that I’m itching to add to the collection.   This is only part of the charms since my bracelet is too full to carry them all, but each charm represents a gift from people who I love and adore-  including a few from me- to me :)




March 5-11 (Photo 365)

March 31st, 2012

March 5-

I was passing by Mister M.’s food bowl one day (and noticing that I needed to fill it up) when I decided that I didn’t think I’d ever taken a picture of his bowl.

Granted, it’s not what I would generally take a shot of- but I thought that is what makes it a great photo of the day- taking a shot of something that generally what catches my eye.

I love this little bowl and the fish at the bottom of it.   When JJ was a puppy- we actually let him use this bowl (until he noticed the fish and started diving for them- it was his water bowl- and making a mess), while Mister M. used another.   As you can see- it’s now back in the rightful possession of Mister M.


March 6-

I’ve had this little bird house out in the garden for several years.  I bought it one summer when I came across it in a store and thought it was adorable.   I didn’t really know if it would ever house birds, but I liked it, so it’s been outside ever since.

As I suspected- it’s more for the ‘cute’ factor above functional and has never been the home to anything more than probably a few spiders.   But even after all these years- I like it and it still looks cute outside, so it stays.

March 7-

I guess since I don’t have adorable children to take pictures of, Mister M. and JJ have become the proverbial ‘favorite subjects’ of all cameras in this household.

Mister M. has been known to appear to be posing and this day was one of those moments. It’s hard when it comes to cats, because they are so independent, you can’t really lure them to do what you want under the guise of a treat reward.

It isn’t the most clear shot- but he was watching me- and probably thinking (here we go again).  Something about those blue eyes never fails to bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart.


March 8-

Years ago mom and diddy were visiting and we came across these unfinished wooden shoes at a garage sale.    I thought they were cute in a rustic sort of way- and mom picked them up for me.   I kept them and decided that they would look great outside as opposed to slathering them with paint, the way I had originally planned to do.

The color version of this shot didn’t quite do the trick, as I wanted to capture the old look and black and white seemed to work best for that.


March 9-


This is just a few of my ever-growing collection of cupcake books.    I love cupcakes- and I’m a firm believer that they not only make people smile, but it puts them in a festive mood- and can make even the worst days seem somehow a bit lighter.     The crazy thing is- that in spite of all the books I have- I’ve never looked through any of them completely and haven’t used any of the recipes in ANY of them.

I don’t know what it is- but I have a hard time following recipes to the letter because I like to give my own twist to things- but I know there are plenty of ideas waiting to be found and used, so needless to say- I could be needing some taste testers soon, so stop on by :)


March 10-

I was dusting one day and I couldn’t help but notice the lime green lights on our DSL router-   I decided that it would make a great photo of the day- plus I couldn’t help but think about how much that little device connects me to the rest of the world.  Between that and the telephone- I wonder where we would be without them.

Do you think that you could go a month without any form of telephone or digital communication?  I know it’s possible, but I think it would be hard.


March 11-

In keeping with the theme from the day before on staying connected to people, I took a quick shot of one of our cordless telephones.

I use it daily-  (don’t we all?) and love that the people I love most are always a phone call away.

Yes- it would defintely be hard to live without these things we’ve become so accustomed to using at will to stay in touch with people, or to take care of business.



February 27- March 4 (Photo 365)

March 22nd, 2012

February 27-

Not too long ago- Marcel and I had an explosion (ok, maybe not that dramatic- but it did involve sparks) with our digitial television receiver.   I was in the middle of watching something and ‘poof’ out it went.   We ordered a new one and oddly enough- it was defective and went out (without all the hooplah) about two weeks later.    We sent it back after they sent us a new one- and this is the remote from it.

Something I found out along the way is that the receiver has a usb port on it and you can use it to play music- movies / videos or even look at pictures.   I love it!


February 28-

I’ve taken a picture before of this bottle and shared, but it was different, and this ranks amongst those ‘favorite things’ that I was talking about in another entry.

I like the lines on this and the contrast between the black/red and silver.


February 29-

Happy Leap Year!

I have been doing some organizing and cleaning in the house and while I was cleaning out a drawer I found some books and magazines that I’d forgotten about-  and inside one of them was an old card from a friend.

I love the bright colors and the beautiful butterfly-   Makes me smile every single time-   It also reminds me that spring isn’t that far away.



March 1-

This reminds me of a pineapple-   Granted- it isn’t.. or maybe it’s supposed to look like one, but we have a couple in the living rom and I like them.

I have this thing-   with shapes and textures and oddly I’m noticing it more and more-   I like to touch things- and feel them.  I often wonder if others do the same thing, although I highly doubt that I’m alone in this little ‘thing’.

What’s your favorite thing in your living room?   This isn’t mine- but I am quite fond of it.


March 2-

As I as uploading this picture- I couldn’t help but chuckle.  Here I was talking about how the last photo looked similar to a pineapple, and then this one actually IS a pineapple- at least the top  of one.

In fact, it’s the first fresh pineapple we’ve bought this year- and it was delicious.   I can’t wait until they fully come in season and I can buy them more often and even make pineapple salsa.   The thought of that alone makes my mouth water.


March 3-

Spring cometh-


I was outside doing a little cleaning and came across my pot of chives from last year.   I actually planned on picking up some new plants this year- but low-and-behold the little beauties decided to reappear on their own.    I have been nurturing them and giving them water ever since and they’re much greener and taller now.   Looks like I’m going to have some great chives come summer.     Now to get the rest of the herbs going and I’ll be set.


March 4-

Almost as much as I love my coffee- is my love for Coffee-Mate.   It makes sense that I’m part of their “Brew Crew”, which helps allow me to share that love of my favorite flavors with others-plus it keeps me abreast of all the latests news regarding new flavors and such.

A while back I was sent this great mug, which I use quite often to house my coffee in the mornings- or mid-afternoon as was the case on this particular day.





February 20-26 (Photo 365)

March 22nd, 2012

February 20-

I was goofing off in the kitchen, rearranging some fruit and I couldn’t help but take this-  I keep that mini- sock monkey in the kitchen scale in the kitchen and I giggled when I put the banana beside him and thought that I definitely needed to take a shot of him ‘monkeying around’  ha..

I used to have some socks like the monkeys are made out of when I was growing up- and in fact, I wish I had a pair now for when the winter months hit.  They were such warm socks.  Maybe I need to snoop around and see if I can find some when it starts getting cold again.


February 21-

There are many things in life that I love-   sunny, blue skies-  the beach- really ‘great’ quality food and the list goes on- but pretty close to the top of my list would be my favorite coffee-  Illy!   We buy the beans and grind them in our wonderful little grinder, and even though I’ve thought about buying a new machine-  Our espresso/cappuccino machine we got as a wedding gift 8 years ago still works perfect.   It’s a Krups brand and because it’s been so great to us- it’s definitely the brand we will buy in the future.

What about you?  What’s your favorite Brew?

February 22-

While we’re on the subject of ‘favorite things’ –  The Wizard of Oz is also at the top of my favorite movies list.   I have several Wizard of Oz related magnets on the fridge and this is one of them.

When I see it-  I can’t help but smile-  Not just because it’s Wizard of Oz- but because it reminds me of just how blessed I’ve been with the good friends I have.     I’m not much on quantity- but quality- and my ‘true blues’ are definitely quality-   I don’t take them for granted, but instead know just how blessed I am- and I’m grateful.


February 23-

This is the beginning of some great egg salad for Marcel.    He had been complaining that he was tired of having cheese sandwiches every day at work and asked if I was ever going to make him egg salad again.    Who can say no to that?  Not I!

So I grabbed some of the free-range eggs that his mom brings us every week from the market- and tossed them in the pan.   Wasn’t long before they were part of the salad for him-   Needless to say- he was a happy guy.     The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.. ”


February 24-

The afternoon sun was shining in through the window one afternoon and I loved the way that it looked on this particular throw pillow.   You can’t really tell it from the picture, but it’s one of the ones I bought to go on our new sofa and I have to say- its probably my favorite.


I’m a huge fan of color- and of yellow,  not to mention textures and patterns.  This pillow has it all.


February 25-


Going back to the ball theme-  this is another one of the balls that I have in bowls here in the house.  This one is made of wicker or something like that-   and even though the original was in color-  I liked it better in black and white.


February 26-

Sometimes I amuse myself with the strangest things-  I know.    I have these cheap tweezers with a magnifying glass attached to them and one afternoon I thought it would be fun to go around checking things out from a closer perspective.   This is the result of one of those items.  A 5 euro bill.   I guess I could have hoped to find some type of hidden symbol or such, but there was nothing exciting to see.




February 13-19 (Photo 365)

March 22nd, 2012

February 13-

As you can see- this is none other than the fabulous- and somewhat infamous Mister Mistoffelees.  Those of you who have known me for a long time may remember that once upon a time-   Mister M. had his own blog-  before the great crash of the site that it was housed on.    I still have his old entries and I’ve been thinking that maybe he and JJ should have their own ‘guest posts’ every now and then.

Since they have each other- they definitely have more adventures and mischief together.   It’s definitely something to think about.


February 14-

This little piggy is actually a bank that I bought in 2008 when we all took a trip to Prague in the Czech Republic.  Glass is HUGE in Prague and when I travel, I always like to pick up something unique to that area.    This little piggy was one of the things I picked up.   I’ve never used it as a bank-  One reason because I don’t want to ‘use’ him and he get broken, and another because I just think he’s cute to look at without money.


February 15-

One afternoon I was hanging some sweaters that I’d washed and I noticed when there was one hanger left (and one sweater) that I liked the way it looked against my dresser- so I snapped a quick picture to use that day.

Once I’d finished- the sweater went on the hanger to dry- and then once it was dried- into the closet.   Makes me curious how many of you put your clothes in the dryer?   I don’t dry anything but my pj’s-  everything else is hand dried.


February 16-

Years ago, I saw this little duck in an O magazine- Target ad, and fell in love with it.   It was during the fall and I told Samantha about it.   Wouldn’t you know-   several weeks later (and after I’d forgotten I told her about it), I received a package in the mail-with none other than the little duck.

I still love him and even though it doesn’t match anything in my home-  he has a prominent place in my living room.   He makes me smile, plus he reminds me of Samantha and our friendship.


February 17-

I’m not a real huge fan of peppermint candies.  I’m not sure why, because I love the flavor of peppermint, but I don’t usually buy them, but I found these little ‘peppermint cushions’ and thought I would give them a try-  I ended up really liking them, and Marcel loves them.   They are soft and well, delicious.    Perfect for peppermint bark and I’m thinking they would be good in a cupcake as well.


February 18-

Anyone who has ever been in our home knows that I have this ‘thing’ bout round shapes.      I have little balls all over the living room and this picture is part of several that I have in a huge glass bowl that mom and dad gave me one year from Crate and Barrel.

Of course, JJ has also noticed that there are lots of pretty round balls in the house- and if he has the chance, he will grab one and run off with it.



February 19-

Last year for my birthday-  Samantha sent me this bottle as part of my gift.  It’s a water bottle and I’ll admit that I haven’t used it, simply because I don’t want the lettering to come off.    I love it-   She and I have been talking for several years about meeting in the “Big Apple” one of these days and I know that day is coming.  Maybe not this year- but it is coming and I can’t wait.



February 6-12 (Photo 365)

March 17th, 2012

I have an abundance of photos to share for the Photo 365 challenge but it has been pretty hard to think about getting on the computer and typing much when it irritates my arm and wrist.   Today I HAD to get online to send out some invoices, so I thought I’d kill two birdies with one stone and post at least one weeks worth of pictures-  That’s probably all I’ll be able to manage, but hopefully Monday- I can try to get on and actually catch up with everything.  We’ll see.


February 6-

Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows how much I love quotes    I came across this one in a favorite quote book and I couldn’t help but take a quick shot of it-   It reminds me of a few wonderful people that I have in my life that definitely make my soul blossom.


February 7-

This little hyacinth plant was a gift to me from my mother in law.   Sadly, I’m highly allergic to them, so I knew when she gave it to me that it wouldn’t be able to have a place in our home.  Instead, I put it outside where it has slowly grown and before long will open to produce fragrant blossoms     It’s defintely one of the first signs of spring.

February 8-

One afternoon I was getting dinner ready for Marcel and I and this was the subject of the photo of the day.   I have been in this ‘house mouse’ mode for a while during that time and found myself wanting to spend a lot of time in the kitchen whipping up something good.

Mushrooms are one of my favorites that are good year- round.




February 9-

I love color- and when I was chopping these bell peppers I couldn’t help but smile at how the colors of these little beauties popped!   Combined with my little red knife (one of my favorites) – it made me smile and I thought another perfect, albeit food related, picture of the day.


February 0-

I will admit these little critters definitely got my attention and not in a tasty- ‘oh lets get some and try them’ sort of way.

Marcel and I were at this local Sam’s Club type store and came across these freeze dried grasshoppers that were being featured (and available for sampling- but I passed) to use with a chocolate fountain.

Now I don’t know about you, but there is nothing remotely appealing about that to me.   Just give me some strawberries to go with my chocolate and I’ll be fine.


February 11-

This little shrimp is etched into a gourd that sits proudly on our entertainment center in the living room.   It was given to me last time I was home by my long time friends Eva and Erik and made by Eva’s aunt.     I love it.   It is cut on the top so that I could actually store some treasures inside, but up until now it remains empty.     Home-   It reminds me of home.


February 12-

I’m always on the look out for new things to try- (with the exception of freeze dried ‘critters’) so when I saw these ‘golden berries’ in a shop recently, I had to know more.  I asked the store owner if I could try them- (most people just try things without asking there and the owners don’t mind- but I like to err on the side of politeness) and they said of course.

I don’t know what I expected when I tried these.  I think somewhat raisiny- but they were an explosion of flavor and in one word- AMAZING!

They are apparently a great source of antioxidants and really good for you, but only meant to be eaten several a day- not continually throughout the day like a snack.     I love their slightly sweet- tart flavor and if you ever have the chance to try them, I highly recommend it.




January 30- February 5 (Photo 365)

March 1st, 2012

I’m running way behind on posting my photo 365 pictures and posting in general, but mostly because I haven’t been on the computer much at all. I need to spend some time catching up on so many things, including my favorite blogs- but right now that isn’t in the cards. Bare with me :)

Since I had to do a few things on the computer for mom this morning, I decided to at least work towards catching up on my photos by adding another weeks worth.


January 30-

As you can see- this is the mouse to my laptop.   I am not a huge fan of touch pads so I always disable mine and add a ‘real’ mouse so that I don’t accidentally hit the touch pad and wipe out everything I’m doing, which has happened on more occasions than I can count.

When I’m sitting on the couch it rests on this fuzzy little blanket and it works quite well that way.


January 31-

This was my first attempt ever at playing with royal icing and decorating sugar cookies with them.  It certainly won’t be my last.   I had so much fun and even though it is VERY time consuming, it’s so relaxing and fun as long as you have time to spend to do it without distractions

Four hours were gone in a flash- but of course, I’d baked the cookies ahead of time.


February 1-

The following day- Marcel was working and I had the idea that I would bake the cookies and decorate them another day, but once I got started I wanted to continue on and see what I could come up with.

9 hours later and this was the completed product.   Again- I had a wonderful time and the time flew in a blink of an eye-  It was such a relaxing thing to do- and since then my head has been swimming with cookie ideas.


February 2-

This day was actually mine and Marcel’s wedding anniversary but he had to work so we decided to celebrate a few days later.   My little pup was lying on the sofa beside me and I couldn’t help but smile at his little feet.   I decided it would make a cute photo of the day and I was actually surprised that I ended up being able to get the shot without waking him.  I’m glad I was though.



February 3-

I went to a little shop that sells cake decorating supplies and found a few things that I thought I couldn’t live without.   So I did a little shopping and walked out of the shop excited about my new purchases and even more excited about the potential of using them.


February 4-

On our way to a birthday party I couldn’t help but snap a few shots with my phone because the weather was not only amazing (look at those blue skies) but the snow and ice was beautiful in the trees and on the ground.

We had some cold weather that lasted a while and with it came some gorgeous sunshine and blue skies which somehow made it seem a lot less colder than it was.



February 5-

I loved this frozen spider web and how the ice crystals seemed to be hanging on for dear life. Its so interesting how some things that we never noticed look completely different under certain circumstances.

I guess the same could be said with life-  Things may appear to us as one way- and then if we take a moment to look from a different perspective- we gain different meaning and depth.





January 23-29 (Photo 365)

February 19th, 2012

I decided that since I needed to be on my computer for a moment today anyway-that I would try to add a few photos to work towards catching up on my Photo 365 challege.   I’ve got the pictures just waiting to be resized and stamped with the date- but since I’m fighting the vertigo- I can’t really spend a lot of time at the desktop, so I’ll try to upload them without all the pomp and circumstance.  At least they’ll be done- albeit not as nicely as I’d like.

January 23-

With all the cold weather we had been having- We spent a lot of time indoors and enjoying the sunshine as it shone through the windows.  This was one of such days- and JJ sitting in a half-dreamy state enjoying the moment.

He is such a happy little guy, and I am a firm believer that there is a lot we could learn from both dogs and cats about living in the moment and not holding on to the things we can’t do anything about.


January 24-

My first bouquet of tulips this year.    I actually had two bouquets of the same color and had them in two different vases.   I loved the way the afternoon sun caught these and it seemed to give this dreamy effect.      I did run it through the Camera + app on my iPhone though and I was pleased with the overall look.


January 25-


Everyone who knows me knows about my love affair with great coffee mugs.   I have them from all over the world,  and I tend to choose them each day based on my mood at the time.

With it being Mardi Gras time-  This is my ‘go to’ mug until Tuesday- the last official day of carnival season for 2012.

Until then- you will find me sipping my coffee from the cup- and thinking of all the fun and adventure going on in the Big Easy and along the Gulf Coast.   “Let the Good Times Roll!”


January 26-

I rarely wear socks or shoes when I’m at home- but with all the really cold weather we’d been having- even my poor feet couldn’t seem to get and stay warm, so I pulled out a pair of fuzzy, yet very comfy socks an wore them most of the day and into the night.    I did end up having to shed them later that evening when I was watching television as it was a little too warm.


January 27-

My little guy tends to come to the kitchen anytime I’m busy making something.  He’s always hoping I’ll drop a piece of bell pepper or anything else that he can put in his mouth and run away with.

I couldn’t help but grab a quick shot of him.  I don’t even remember what I was making, but I do know that he was sitting there for quite some time – waiting with patience, and hope.

Needless to say-   He didn’t get anything on this particular day.   Poor guy.  You can see how underfed he is.


January 28-

This soup is one that I made for the first time but won’t be the last.  It’s called Ribboita and is technically an Italian bread soup.   I made it without adding the bread and served it on the side.   It was wonderful.

I wasn’t sure if Marcel would like it-  after all it had beans and kale-   both of which he likes made particular ways but doesn’t steer from those methods.      He loved it- and said I should definitely make it again.   I will!!!  It was such a hearthy and HEALTHY soup- that I can see it becoming a regular winter meal in our household.


January 29-

This is the beginning of something beautiful.   A batch of chocolate cookies that I made to play around with royal icing and see how well I could do using it.   I loved the flavor of these cookies and they were a huge successs amongst those who ate them.

The decorated version were even better.

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