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Spring Cometh and Daylight Savings Time

March 9th, 2017

I am sure I’m not the only one who feels solar powered at times.   This morning I woke up to fog, but within a few hours it had burned off and it was an absolutely gorgeous Spring day.   It was a little windy- and for some probably a little too chilly, but for me-   perfect!   I felt as though I was plugged into the sun and my batteries were charging away.

Even JJ was feeling the energy from the sun as he was definitely showing a case of Spring fever.   SO much so that it was difficult for me to get him to sit still long enough to pose for a photo in the crocus- but he did- and I was a happy pup owner.

This coming Sunday-   the clocks in the United States spring forward one hour.   Giving an extra hour of daylight.   Don’t forget to set your clock forward an hour late Saturday night before bed, so you won’t be late to any Sunday appointments, or even work on Monday- if you happen to forget to spring forward all together.

The Joy of Pets

April 5th, 2016

If you know me in person, then you also have had the great pleasure of knowing two of my favorite ‘critters’ on the planet-   IMG_1539JJ and Mister Mistoffeeles.    JJ, the Cairn Terrier, who never meets a stranger, and pretty much loves everyone.   He’s smart, social and a joy.  Even when he’s misbehaving and getting into trouble, the looks he gives me often have me cracking up with laughter.

Mister M. is more of the majestic, total zen and cool cat.    He doesn’t let much get under his skin, but at the same time he’s extremely spoiled.   He likes to drink water from the bathroom sink- and will sit there sometimes for an hour waiting for someone to enter and give him some.   I guess we can’t say he isn’t patient when it comes to that.    On the other hand,  like many cats, he can be quite demanding- wanting to be petted and meowing until he gets his way.   Stop before he’s ready and you’ll be met with more meows.

IMG_1480I miss them when we travel and know that it doesn’t matter if we leave the house for five minutes or five weeks, they are always thrilled to see us return.    I know not everyone finds pets to bring such joy to their household, but I can’t imagine my life without them.   I know Marcel feels the same.

As you can see from the photo (both of these are from my Instagram feed-   you can find me by searching for Wizardress), Mister M. was having one of his moments and thinking that the Apple TV remote was a chew toy-   He is obsessed with it for some reason.   I’m not sure why, but if he had his way and I wasn’t paying attention, he would be using it to bat all over the house.

Needless to say, that’s not happening.

Even in those little ‘naughty’ moments, I still smile, and wouldn’t take anything for them.    After all, they are our four-legged members of the family.


The Love of Pets

February 26th, 2016

For me, there is nothing like the unconditional love of pets.   They can sense when we are not feeling well, they are a source of unconditional love and joy, plus even when they are being naughty- they are the most loyal of friends. IMG_0386  It never fails that if we come in from being gone somewhere that Mister M will meet us at the door with a quick brush against our legs, and immediately JJ begins to bark and wag his tail.        He can’t wait to get out of his crate, grab his favorite red rubber bone and run around the house happily.

They can brighten the darkest of days.

Recently, I received a package from iHerb for some Bob’s Red Mill products that I’d ordered, and after opening the box, I sat it down beside me on the sofa.   Within seconds Mister M. jumped into the box (What cat doesn’t love boxes or bags?),  and JJ ran to see what was going on.

I was lucky enough to be able to capture a rare moment between the two of them- of JJ doing what he does best, herding and ‘trying’ to keep Mister in line, and Mister M. attempting to lounge peacefully from the comforts of a box that I was convinced was too small for him to lay down in.    IMG_0220Within seconds of that photo being taken, JJ started barking and Mister M. fled from the box.   Of course, JJ took that as his cue to pounce on top of Mister M. and grab him by the fur.   I stopped him just short of him pulling Mister M. across the floor and using him as a dust mop.   Something he’s been known to do.

Mister M. is oddly tolerant of JJ’s antics for the most part-   until he decides enough-is-enough, and then all bets are off, usually resulting in tufts of cat hair floating through the air.

Despite their antics- I can’t imagine life without them.    They make me laugh every day- and I know that their love and loyalty is something I can always count on.

The Dog Ate My Homework- Err Tomato

August 3rd, 2015

Ok- It wasn’t exactly homework, but instead my lovingly nurtured cherry tomato. Below is the run-down on how my beloved doggie ate my homework tomato.


For months I’ve been nurturing (sometimes too much) my cherry tomato plant, turned tree.

I’ve waited in not-so-patient anticipation for the first tomato harvest. During the weekend, I found the first two had turned orange and excitedly waited to pick them. To savor the first tomatoes from my ‘tree’.

. As I ran bath water for JJ’s much needed bath- I ran outside to see if the beloved two tomatoes were ready. I was celebratory to find they were, and carefully removed them. Today, was the day I would enjoy my tomatoes.

Not wanting to forget the bath water- I put them on a piece of MS pottery that’s on my coffee table, and off to the bathroom I went.

It was then I heard it. Marcel saying, ‘We have a thief in the house.”

I return to the living room to find a very excited JJ devouring the rest of the largest of the small red jewels.IMG_4893

Since he wanted the second one (pictured), I can only assume they are tasty.

Gotta love a dog who loves his veggies and will even steal to get them.

Moral of the story- never pick tomatoes and leave them unattended when JJ is nearby.

Happy Monday y’all.

Day 46- 100 Happy Days

October 27th, 2014

46This is probably one of my favorite photos that I’ve taken this year-   Marcel and JJ were having a little moment, and I was lucky enough to catch it-   it makes me smile every time I look at it.

Those two are best pals- and while JJ definitely doesn’t see Marcel as the ‘boss’- he does see him as a friend and playmate-   They have a lot of fun together and make me laugh hysterically quite regular.

Day 43- 100 Happy Days

October 24th, 2014

43During the morning hours of this particular day- we had massive amounts of rain fall within a short amount of time.    The result of that was flash-flooding which meant the canals ‘grew’ out of their banks.   This meant easy swimming and fun for JJ an also wading in the puddles for me.

I’ve long been a huge fan of water, and splashing around in the extra water made me laugh out loud and giggle like a child.    Nothing like those pure joy moments that come out of the little things.

The following day the water had receded completely, but it was fun while it lasted.

Day 30- 100 Happy Days

August 2nd, 2014

30To know me is to know just how much I love both JJ and Mister Mistoffelees- aka Mister M.     They are a constant source of laughter and pure joy in our lives.

On this particular day-  the rare occasion occurred where they are sharing a space close to each other.    The following is what I shared with this happy post for the 100 Happy Days challenge:

When no one is looking- they actually love each other.    Both bring so much joy to my life.

Day 28- 100 Happy Days

August 1st, 2014

28JJ and his ‘best friend’ – the red Kong bone.    He talks to it, shows it to everyone who enters our home and entices them to play fetch by barking.      It is an instant joy maker.

After having this Kong bone about 10 months, the wear and tear is starting to show.    It won’t be long and we’ll need to pick up a new one soon.   With as much daily play as this one gets, I think it’s held up well.

Walking the Dog

April 8th, 2014

In my ‘baby steps’ recovery, I’ve taken JJ out (as opposed to leaving him with my mother-in-law) for the past two days while Marcel has been working. It was in between showers, thanks to this crazy weather we are having (sunshine, rain and hail – all in a 30 second time span), but it was simply intoxicating. No, I don’t mean the effect it had on my ever-so-sensitive allergies, but literally a thrilling moment, to be outside walking around.

It’s one of those little tiny (or not so tiny) things that we take for granted, and don’t realize the magnitude of just being able to get up and move around freely outside, until we aren’t able. I made a mental note to myself, that once I am out-and-about regularly (soon), to make sure that I really take the time to bask in my surroundings, to notice the little things even more, plus to express gratitude to my own two feet for carrying me there.

The ‘new green’, the cherry blossoms, and every thing else that is bursting with life, brought a smile to my face, plus joy to my heart, and the best part (aside from JJ being absolutely perfect outside)? Getting inside a full 10 seconds before the bottom dropped out of the sky and the rains began again- not just one day, but both.

Spring, how I love you.

Bath Time for JJ

February 2nd, 2014

20140202-174223.jpg Yesterday, I took advantage of the gap in my schedule and decided to give JJ a little clip around his eyes, plus give him a bath. I’m blessed in the fact that he actually loves the bath, even more so when he gets to take his favorite toy along to keep things interesting.

Granted, it makes for a little longer bath time, but I can tell it brings him joy, so why not?

I mentioned buying a Furminator for Mister M. not too long ago, so yesterday I decided to give it a try on JJ’s fur. It worked like a charm on him too, plus it allowed me to get rid of some of his excess fur, that may have otherwise ended up in his crate or on the floor.

So even though I bought the Furminator for long haired cats, it works on dogs too.

He is now all spiffed and ready for our upcoming road trip, which starts tomorrow. This will be our first time traveling with both pets, so should be an adventure.

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