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A Little Update

August 11th, 2017

It has been a while.   Some of you who don’t follow me on Social media may be wondering if I survived and made it to the version 5.0 & the answer to that would be a resounding YES!

With that being said, the recurring theme seems to continue to play-   Life has been busy-   Insanely busy to say that least, but with the daylight hours getting shorter and the hint of Autumn in the air-  I suspect that things will start slowing down soon.

I had an amazing time in London for my birthday with Samantha.   I will share more about that on another day.  Since she left- work has been in full force and earlier this week my sweet boy Mister Mistoffeeles went in for thyroid surgery.   As I type this-  he’s lying beside me sleeping, with his makeshift collar around his neck.   He wanted to scratch his wound area, so I cut up an old sock and put it over his head-    thus far it’s working and he doesn’t seem to mind, which is the best part.

I am grateful to the vet for suggesting the surgery.   The medication was working just fine- but it was a twice a day ordeal, plus when we travel we need to make sure that someone will give him the proper medication at the time needed.    There is definitely the possibility for error with that- as we found out the first time we went away after he was diagnosed.

Now, he shouldn’t need medication any longer.    Granted, there’s the possibility that the other side of his thyroid will have issues-  but that is a bridge I will cross if I need to.  Right now, I don’t have to think about it.  Instead, I can kick off the weekend with time spent cuddling my favorite feline.


When Only a Sandwich will Do

April 30th, 2017

Happy Sunday y’all.. Things have been a bit like a roller coaster here- up and down- mostly with ups- but I am ‘still’ waiting on my laptop to be returned to me. I did see that the Toshiba site said they were finished with it- so I’m waiting to hear more. Hopefully I’ll have it soon, then comes the task of getting it back in order with installing everything etc..

The weather has been great this weekend, which means some time spent outside. I’ve also been adoring the new (to me) Marco Polo app. Do y’all have it? If not- look it up and check it out- because it’s a great way to keep in touch when you want to say something short (or not) but don’t want to type it all out.

Yesterday I was home alone and despite having leftovers- I was craving a sandwich, so that’s what I made- a bacon spinach tomato and avocado sandwich. Tomatoes aren’t in season, so cherry and grape tomatoes were the flavor of the day- I toasted the bread and added Sriracha garlic mayo .. to knock it out of the flavor park. It was delicious.

What are y’all eating this weekend?

Easy Brunch

February 22nd, 2017

Some mornings I’m not feeling the urge to eat when I first get up-   so rather than eat because I’m ‘supposed’ to, I wait until I feel a rumble in my stomach and then I eat.    Today-  I had quite a few things to check off my ‘to do’ list-  One of which was finalizing my business tax paperwork so it could be taken to the accountant, plus some cake prep for an upcoming order.

I have been trying to keep the protein on the higher side-so I decided to opt for some Greek yogurt, a few raspberries, pepitas, almonds and a few cacao nibs for a little something special.  You know-   give it that indulgent feel without being indulgent.

It was delicious-  sans any sugar except the natural sugars in the raspberries.   It kept me full until dinner time, which was my goal.

Now the taxes are dropped off-   I have the evening to myself, so it’s time to take a hot bath and curl up with some good TV.

Warm Weather Eats

August 24th, 2016

Just when I was sure Fall was knocking on the door-  summer came back with a vengeance.  Tropical temperatures for a few days, then the wind will shift and the hint of Fall will reappear-   In the meantime?   We have been eating salads since yesterday with more on the menu for the rest of this week.     It’s the great thing about the summer season, there are SO many wonderful delicious vegetables out there.   I spent a good portion of the day yesterday roasting vegetables, grating and peeling others and the fridge is stocked full of salad healthy salad toppings.    We have an assortment of greens, and since we’re doing Whole 30 we are forgoing the salad dressing fare and adding a bit of olive oil and the juice from the roasted tomatoes.  It’s so delicious and healthy on top of that.    You can’t go wrong with either.

Dessert has been fresh fruits-  all of which is a whole lot of delicious!

What is your favorite warm weather ‘go to’ meal?



Whole 30- Day 22

April 5th, 2016

What a difference a day makes.  As I mentioned yesterday, I was really in a ‘mood’ yesterday.   I had a great nights sleep, despite waking up several times.   I did wake up with a slight headache this morning, but one cup of coffee later and it was gone.    I made an intentional slow start to the day today even though my to do list was long.  I knew it would also mean me finishing work much later than I would prefer, but I thought it was the wiser choice since I was feeling so blah yesterday, plus had the headache.

It paid off-   I’ve had an abundance of energy today and I feel great!    I was able to get everything checked off my to do list and then some, plus here I sit with a little time to spare before Marcel gets home from work.

IMG_1551I will admit that I probably didn’t eat enough today, but I feel great-  For brunch, I made this odd concoction that was a take on the blueberry fritatta that I made last week.    So it was eggs, lemon zest, blueberries, a little pumpkin seeds, a drizzle of almond butter, coconut- oh and let’s not forget the compliant bacon.     It is a weird sounding combination- but it really worked well.  It was delicious!


Dinner tonight ended up being chicken breast, sauteed zucchini with lemon zest and Greek seasonings, a half avocado, and half a sweet potato.   It was filling and I am not feeling the desire to eat anything at all.

Tomorrow is another busy work day- and hard to believe that I have 9 days left until I’m done.

I’m looking forward to seeing how I feel at the end and moving forward.  One thing I know for sure already- is that I’ll be taking with me what I’ve learned and applying it to life post Whole 30.


Whole 30- Day 20 & 21

April 4th, 2016

As I was downloading the photos from my iPhone to upload to here- I realized that there are only so many ways that you can share photos of omelettes, so I decided to forego posting photos until I make something a little different.

I’ve continued to have either an omelette or the sweet potato/ scrambled egg/ almond butter combo the last two days.     Dinner has been chicken, and also salad of mixed greens.

Please know that by no means am I saying that Whole 30 is boring.  It isn’t.  I have personally just been super busy and not having a lot of time to cook, so prepping for me means automating my meals somewhat.

The last couple of days I haven’t been sleeping well at night,   I’ve been waking often, which I attribute to the time change.    I still have found myself with a lot of energy, although today I seem to be feeling irritated at small things.    Granted, this probably has nothing to do with Whole 30, but more a hormonal thing happening, or even the inability to quiet the brain space with so many things going on at once.   I’m sure it’s nothing a good night’s sleep and some time alone won’t cure.

Tomorrow is a new day, and I’m feeling the crunch of getting some things done, but at the same time- I know that if I can get most of my work stuff done this week, that will make the rest of the month MUCH easier for me.

All in all- life is amazing, and I am blessed and grateful for this journey.  It’s hard for me to believe it has been a full three weeks.

Whole 30- Day’s 18 and 19

April 2nd, 2016

Yesterday I had good intentions of spending time on the computer catching up across the blogosphere, plus adding a few posts of my own, but work called.  That meant that I needed to take care of that first, and once I finished getting everything checked off the ‘immediate’ to-do list, I was ready for some time to unwind.     I managed to take a photo of breakfast, but I didn’t get one at dinner.

IMG_1460Most of you may be noticing that my breakfasts don’t veer too far off the path.  It isn’t because I can’t or don’t like to be creative with foods, but more because it’s easier for me to not have to think about what I want to eat- but rather have it all planned out the day before.

Yesterday I had baked sweet potatoes, scrambled eggs, a little compliant bacon (read the labels), homemade almond butter and coconut.    I know- it sounds like a really odd flavor combination, but the reality is, it works really really well.

I love it!

Since I ate this closer to lunch time- it was more a brunch than anything, so I had a mandarin in the afternoon.

Dinner was a chicken breast wrapped in bacon, green beans and sauteed zucchini with a 1/4 avocado.     I had a small banana and also a mandarin.  IMG_1459

This morning was not much different breakfast wise than yesterday.    In fact, the only difference is I didn’t add bacon, but I did add pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, and a few pine nuts.     With a huge cup of coffee with Almond milk (check labels) it hit the spot, plus gave me the energy to buzz through the afternoon.

Since sugar is my business- and I had work to do- I spent all afternoon making my Fleur de Sel caramels, and then I decided to test a recipe I’ve been thinking about for while.    I wasn’t sure how I’d feel- since I usually taste everything before I let it pass across someone elses lips- but that wasn’t the case this time.    The cookies were a hit and received great reviews, which makes me very happy to know.       The great thing for me was, that I wasn’t tempted.   I didn’t want to eat the remaining caramel in the pot, nor did I feel tempted to try a cookie.   At the same time I didn’t feel like I was missing anything.

Am I saying that I plan to never eat a cookie again?  No!  I would be lying to both of us if I said that.   It does mean that I was able to do my chosen profession without a feeling that I was going to end up in the Whole 30 ditch because I’d indulged in sugar- grains – peanut butter- milk.

I celebrate victories like these!

In other news, I continue to have a lot of energy.  It doesn’t mean I don’t ever get tired, but for the most part my tiredness doesn’t hit until the evening, when it actually should.   Yay for that!    I’m going to start kicking up some exercising and see how I feel doing that.  It has been a while, and it’s time to make that switch too.

IMG_1461I’m a firm believer in not trying to focus on too many new goals at once, because it tends to keep us from being fully committed to any of them.  That isn’t what I want, but now that I think I can safely say I’m in a good Whole 30 groove, I would like to add more exercise- start building some well-needed muscle, plus get the heart pumping a little harder.

Dinner tonight is to your left-    A green salad with a little bacon, greens, tomatoes, olives, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Chicken breast- green beans, mushrooms and zucchini.   I had a mandarin when I finished.   I felt really hungry at dinner, which is why I ate as much as I did-  I didn’t feel overly stuffed though, but comfortably full.

It’s hard for me to believe that I am almost at day 20.    I’ll go through 31 days- so I supposed this is going to be a Whole 31.

I’ve learned so much- and feel really good.  My face break outs are less and less, plus the horrible break out I had is now almost fully cleared.   I believe as long as I drink enough water, it will remain so, at least I hope so.

The journey continues..


Whole 30 – Day 17

March 31st, 2016

I can’t believe that it’s almost FRIDAY!!   YAY!    Forget the fact that I’ll need to actually get some work done this weekend, but rest assured there is going to be some fun (and I believe sunshine) tossed in there somewhere.   After all,    All work and no play.. well that’s not me!

I can’t believe that day 17 came and went with the blink of an eye.   I had a busy day-   but a good day.

Last night I was hungry-   really hungry- so I realized that it was probably due to not eating enough protein yesterday, so I set out to make sure that today was much different.

IMG_1336This morning, I had a late breakfast, so I made myself an 3 egg omelette with compliant bacon (check labels), a little arugula, tomato, mushrooms and chives.  I added some spices and had some avocado on the side.

It kept me full most of the day- so much so that when dinner rolled around, I wasn’t hungry, but knew I needed to eat-   so I had a chicken breast wrapped in bacon, half an avocado a few olives, and then a small (3-4 inch) banana and two fresh clementines.

It amazes me at how much not having enough of what I need makes a difference in how I feel.   Tonight- I feel comfortably full and not wanting to go invade the walnut jar.

While out today- I picked up some chicken breasts that were on sale.  Rather than putting them in the freezer like usual, I immediately added spices to them and put them in a baking dish.   I’ll toss some in the freezer, plus keep some in the fridge- making for a quick and easy addition to a salad or a lettuce wrap.

The journey continues and I continue to have an abundance of energy and feel great.   This afternoon I did have a little moment of feeling tired, but I think that was more because I was running around attempting to do five things at once more than anything else.

It’s almost weekend.  How do you plan to spend yours?

Whole 30- Day 16

March 30th, 2016

Zippidy Do Dah-   I made it to day 16.      I’m on the downhill slope, but I don’t really feel like I’m ‘missing out’ on anything, so I don’t feel excited in the way of ‘I’m ready to get this over with’, kind of way.  It’s more of a – “This isn’t nearly as bad as I thought”.   That’s much more realistic.

This morning I had a play date with my good friend and because I wasn’t feeling that hungry this morning, I had my two cups of coffee, and then I had a banana and a few walnuts.

Lunch, since we had lunch out and about- was tricky.    I planned ahead and read the menu the day before, so I knew what I could expect.  They have a homemade tomato soup, but when I asked about it-  he said he thought they  put sugar in it to balance the tomatoes, plus it definitely had cream in it.   Scratch that-    They did have an onion soup which was tomato based, so I ordered that and asked them to leave off the bread on the top- with the amazing melted cheese.      The soup is good and I didn’t miss the cheese-  ‘too much’.

Since I knew that compliant almond or coconut milk was out of the question- I skipped thinking about having a coffee, and had tea instead.     Combine that with time together with a good friend, good chatter, the beach and sunshine-  and yeah- you pretty much can’t go wrong.

Dinner tonight was leftover casserole from yesterday.  It was good, but I still felt it needed something, so I ended up adding some Whole 30 compliant mustard to the top-   It sounds odd, but it really did work as the combination, and tonight I was feeling hungry enough that I ate two portions.    Plus because I’m trying to eat more fruit (because pre-Whole30 I’d gotten out of the habit of eating fruit), I had a mini banana and a small clementine.

That was that.

Energy wise- I feel great, and while I am almost scared to say it-    I also ‘think’ that some of the hair loss I had been experiencing has also slowed WAY down.    It’s too early for me to really know for sure, as I really only ‘thought’ I noticed it last night and this morning, so I’ll have to be more conscious about it in the coming days and weeks, but it seemed like less hair was in my brush after my bath, and also when I dried and brushed my hair.    If that happens to be the case, then that’s another Whole 30 benefit I’ve seen.

My face, which I mentioned being broke out horribly at the beginning- is still clearing.  It is MUCH clearer than it was, but still not 100% clear like I’d love it to be.    But progress is progress and I’ll take it.

Since I’ve had potatoes a few nights in a row now, it’s time to dial back on those evening carbs and omit them again.    I don’t feel like I need that in the evening, so I’ll skip it.

Tomorrow, my intent is to roast some almonds and make some homemade almond butter.   I’ll share how that goes.

The journey continues. … and I feel good.

Whole 30- Day 15

March 29th, 2016

I made it to the half way point!   Yay Me!   Ironically, today is also a day that I’m struggling.   I’ve eaten well, that’s for sure, but at the same time- I’ve found myself really wanting ‘something’.       It isn’t that I’m hungry, but in pausing to really stop and think about the ‘why’ I’m feeling this way-  I feel it to be more of an emotional thing.

I haven’t figured out ‘why’ I am feeling emotional, yet I am.      Hormones?  Possibly-    I don’t know-   and being one who likes to be in the ‘know’ of things-   that bugs me.   I’m riding the wave and I suspect that I’ll eventually figure out why I’m feeling the way I am.     I still have a lot of energy-  life is good-  right now the sun is shining- the daylight hours are longer-   tomorrow I’ll spend time with one of my favorite people- I see a touch of green starting to appear on the trees outside the window I’m looking out of.   All this good and the list goes on… yet today I am ‘off’.     We all have those days, and I  know it’s not anything but me- and I also know it will pass.     I’m making sure that I’m extra good to myself, and while at one point I would have equated that with some sort of ‘junk’-  I know now that isn’t what I want to do.    So I won’t.

IMG_1282Instead, I’ll talk about my food for today-   I’ve had a banana, two mandarins and two dates.    In addition-  for breakfast I had a half sweet potato, two eggs, bacon (check your labels if you’re doing whole 30), and some coconut.  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE coconut at the moment?   I’ve always been a fan- but I could eat it all day.   Not that I am, mind you, but I could.

You may be thinking this combination sounds atrocious- but I can assure you that it’s anything but.

The plus is-  I have leftover bacon, which means tomorrow I’ll be having pretty much the same thing.   I can’t wait!

Good food that fuels my body.

IMG_1280Tonight’s dinner was a weird combination, but I actually loved it.   Marcel was kind of skeptical, said he didn’t love it-   but he also went back for seconds, so not sure what that says.

I made a sort shepherds pie with lean ground beef-  a puree from potatoes and parsnips-    I layered some of the potato mixture on bottom-  then added some steamed kale-  sour kraut, ground beef- one apple sliced thinly- and then more of the puree on top.    Yes-it’s an odd combination, but it worked and I enjoyed it.     The great thing was I was full with what you see in the photo- and even forgot to eat my 1/4 avocado.    That also means more leftovers-  and not having to think about cooking for tomorrow.     Having something ready makes life much easier.


So to summarize today-   I continue to feel great, but at the same time I’m having an off day, which I think has nothing at all to do with Whole30, but myself.      I’m trying to talk Marcel into trying a Whole30 as well, but thus far he is resisting.   I believe it would make a huge difference in his life- and I will continue to gently bring it up between now and the time we return from vacation, which is at the point I believe I’ll be ready to start another one.




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