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Finding Pokemon

July 18th, 2016

To know me is to know that when new ‘tech’ things hit the market that get a lot of buzz- then my curiosity get the better of me and I want to know what the buzz is all about. Such was the case when the Pokemon Go app hit the market and the world erupted in more movement and gathering in spots to catch critters on the ‘Poke trail’.

Now, some of you are familiar with the original Pokemon. I am not one of those people. I don’t live under a rock, so I had heard of it ‘back in the day’, but it wasn’t something that interested me. Still, I couldn’t help but download this Pokemon Go app to see what all the hype was about.

I didn’t read tutorials, I didn’t read ‘about’ the game, so I really had no clue what the objective was, although because I’m somewhat tech savvy- I did figure out quickly that you wander around- and Pokemons appear and you capture then by tossing balls at them- It’s silly, but it has a charm about it. Good, innocent fun- as far as I’m concerned, you can’t go wrong there.

I’ve seen A LOT of people talking about how ridiculous they think it is that when there are so many serious issues happening globally that Pokemon would get all this attention that people could be focusing on other more serious issues.

My thoughts on that- I think the world needs to stop being so focused on what’s wrong- and take some time to chill- and have a little fun. Everyone has an opinion about what everyone is doing wrong these days- but no one seems to be focused on what anyone is doing right- THAT makes me sad.

When I see people playing Pokemon- I see smiles and laughter. I ran into two strangers the other day- They were 30 somethings and I’m clearly a late 40 something- and when they saw that my phone screen was opened to Pokemon- they immediately started talking to me- laughing and sharing about their game experience.

I had the same with my neighbor- whom I adore anyway, but I ran into her on the street and I had my game open- to see what was in the area- and Marcel said- Oh No- she’s doing Pokemon too! We laughed, chatted about the game and she said where she used to take her dog on 15 minute walks- she’s now taking him on 30+ minute walks- simply because she wants to see what kind of Pokemons she can find.

I’ve seen parents with their children out searching- It’s bringing people together, it”s positive and it is encouraging people to move more.

In my book- bring on more Pokemon!

Oops speaking of which- I just spotted one of those worm ones on Mister M. Gotta catch em all! Later!

Whole 30- Day’s 18 and 19

April 2nd, 2016

Yesterday I had good intentions of spending time on the computer catching up across the blogosphere, plus adding a few posts of my own, but work called.  That meant that I needed to take care of that first, and once I finished getting everything checked off the ‘immediate’ to-do list, I was ready for some time to unwind.     I managed to take a photo of breakfast, but I didn’t get one at dinner.

IMG_1460Most of you may be noticing that my breakfasts don’t veer too far off the path.  It isn’t because I can’t or don’t like to be creative with foods, but more because it’s easier for me to not have to think about what I want to eat- but rather have it all planned out the day before.

Yesterday I had baked sweet potatoes, scrambled eggs, a little compliant bacon (read the labels), homemade almond butter and coconut.    I know- it sounds like a really odd flavor combination, but the reality is, it works really really well.

I love it!

Since I ate this closer to lunch time- it was more a brunch than anything, so I had a mandarin in the afternoon.

Dinner was a chicken breast wrapped in bacon, green beans and sauteed zucchini with a 1/4 avocado.     I had a small banana and also a mandarin.  IMG_1459

This morning was not much different breakfast wise than yesterday.    In fact, the only difference is I didn’t add bacon, but I did add pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, and a few pine nuts.     With a huge cup of coffee with Almond milk (check labels) it hit the spot, plus gave me the energy to buzz through the afternoon.

Since sugar is my business- and I had work to do- I spent all afternoon making my Fleur de Sel caramels, and then I decided to test a recipe I’ve been thinking about for while.    I wasn’t sure how I’d feel- since I usually taste everything before I let it pass across someone elses lips- but that wasn’t the case this time.    The cookies were a hit and received great reviews, which makes me very happy to know.       The great thing for me was, that I wasn’t tempted.   I didn’t want to eat the remaining caramel in the pot, nor did I feel tempted to try a cookie.   At the same time I didn’t feel like I was missing anything.

Am I saying that I plan to never eat a cookie again?  No!  I would be lying to both of us if I said that.   It does mean that I was able to do my chosen profession without a feeling that I was going to end up in the Whole 30 ditch because I’d indulged in sugar- grains – peanut butter- milk.

I celebrate victories like these!

In other news, I continue to have a lot of energy.  It doesn’t mean I don’t ever get tired, but for the most part my tiredness doesn’t hit until the evening, when it actually should.   Yay for that!    I’m going to start kicking up some exercising and see how I feel doing that.  It has been a while, and it’s time to make that switch too.

IMG_1461I’m a firm believer in not trying to focus on too many new goals at once, because it tends to keep us from being fully committed to any of them.  That isn’t what I want, but now that I think I can safely say I’m in a good Whole 30 groove, I would like to add more exercise- start building some well-needed muscle, plus get the heart pumping a little harder.

Dinner tonight is to your left-    A green salad with a little bacon, greens, tomatoes, olives, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Chicken breast- green beans, mushrooms and zucchini.   I had a mandarin when I finished.   I felt really hungry at dinner, which is why I ate as much as I did-  I didn’t feel overly stuffed though, but comfortably full.

It’s hard for me to believe that I am almost at day 20.    I’ll go through 31 days- so I supposed this is going to be a Whole 31.

I’ve learned so much- and feel really good.  My face break outs are less and less, plus the horrible break out I had is now almost fully cleared.   I believe as long as I drink enough water, it will remain so, at least I hope so.

The journey continues..


Whole 30- Day 8

March 22nd, 2016


My emotions have run the gamut today with everything happening in Brussels- and normally that would be a trigger for me to get crazy with food, but I have stayed well within the whole 30 plan.

Breakfast was a sweet potato breakfast casserole I made, which is very similar to what I’ve been eating- only in casserole form-  I mashed sweet potatoes, mixed eggs with them, added some almond butter, a little cinnamon and mace- and baked.   I divided it into 8 pieces to eat daily for the next 8 days-   warmed with a little coconut and a walnut sprinkled over the top-  delish!

IMG_1084Lunch today was a salad I tossed together with items I had on hand.   I didn’t really feel like eating, but as I wrote yesterday- I had forgotten to eat so I didn’t want to have a repeat performance of that.

Arugula, roasted turkey breast, tomatoes, beets marinated in balsamic, a mandarin orange & avocado-  all drizzled with a little cold pressed high-quality olive oil.  It was delicious.


Dinner tonight was leftovers from yesterday, only I ate less broccoli and this time added some zucchini and eggplant that I’d roasted to the mix.  Plus rather than a half avocado, I had 1/4 at lunch and the other 1/4 with dinner.

My energy has still been good.  It has been on the up and down scale today with everything happening in the world, but I’m still amazed at how much better I feel than a week ago.     I was talking to mom about it last night and I understand that since I’m still in the early days of the Whole 30 month, that it will only get better.    If that’s the case, then I will be recommending it to everyone I know.

One thing I am noticing-  because I do have SO much energy, it’s been hard for me to get in bed at my normal time-   and I’m staying up way later than I should-   Tonight, I’m going to try to keep my distractions low so that I can maybe get a better nights sleep.

The journey continues!

Whole 30- Day 5

March 19th, 2016

Well, I’ve made it to day five.  In fact, I can say I not only ‘made it’ to day five of Whole 30, but I rocked it thus far.   I’m taking things one day at a time and seeing what each day brings, but today brought me a WHOLE lot of happiness.   I’m generally a pretty happy person anyway, but the lack of energy I’ve been dealing with for the last while has left me pretty deflated.    This morning when I woke up, I felt pretty much like I feel every morning, but I didn’t have that feeling of wanting to spend another hour in bed.   That was the first thing I noticed.

I got up and did my morning routine of drinking a huge glass of water-  followed by a green tea- and then a coffee.  Somewhere in there I had breakfast-  repeat performance of the last couple of days.    (As mom would say-  “Don’t fix what isn’t broke!”)

Yesterday I talked about my overall feeling of tired and weakness, and the lack of energy.    I couldn’t attribute it to the Whole 30 process, because I’d been feeling that way since I had the flu not so long ago.    Today I planned to get out, and get some things done, but even getting ready, I already felt much better than yesterday.   We went to the weekly Farmers type market- to get fresh fruits, veggies, nuts and olives.    It doesn’t mean a lot of walking, but it does mean a little, so off we went.   I felt fine.   Not much dizziness, no achy arms, no general feeling of tiredness.

We came home- and after I put everything away, we went to visit our neighbors who had a little one about a month ago.  We’ve been planning to go over and take a gift, so today we did that- plus we were able to meet the little guy- who is absolutely adorable!

IMG_1032I still felt great, but I also knew I needed to eat something, and I didn’t plan well on that front-    OOps… So I grabbed a little of this-and-that, and turned it into lunch.

In this case, this-and-that ended up being half of a Granny Smith apple, and a ‘throw together’ salad with a half can of tuna in water-  1/4 avocado, some beets  marinaded in Balsamic vinegar, some olives that I’d bought at the market, plus a couple of Brazil nuts.  Oh, and a drizzle of olive oil.


Since I really want to start ‘doing’ more in terms of exercise and building my stamina up again, we went out for a walk with the dog.   It wasn’t that far-  probably 1/2 mile or so, but it was something, which is more than I’ve been doing as of late, simply because I didn’t have the energy.

Since I ate a late lunch-  I wasn’t overly hungry come dinner time.IMG_1034    Again, because we were running here and there today, I didn’t feel very prepared for dinner either, so I ran with what felt right for me at that moment, while remaining Whole 30 compliant.

What felt right-  was 12 shrimp that I cooked in a tiny bit of oil and seasoned with garlic, pepper and a few other spices, plus a zucchini that I sauteed and cooked with garlic and spices.   I drizzled with a tiny bit of olive oil- plus added a few cashews (4), because I wanted the extra flavor.     It was very simple, but also delicious.

So tonight I am celebrating the victory of having energy again.  It’s not boundless energy, but it’s MUCH more than I’ve been having, and my heart is doing a happy dance.

Tomorrow is a new day, and I know that each day in the beginning can vary soooo much, so I’m not expecting anything, but seeing what each new day brings.

Today, it brought energy-  tomorrow?  Who knows-   Stay tuned to see.


Next Week- Whole 30

March 6th, 2016

For a while now- I’ve been doing some reading on both the Keto plan and also the Whole 30.    I eat pretty healthy-  not a lot of processed foods, but yet I do struggle with keeping portions in control, eating in the evenings, plus having a business that is about all things ‘sweet’, it’s hard to avoid sugar when testing and creating recipes.

With all that being said-   I’ve still felt like I needed to ‘shake things up a bit’, so after much consideration and research, I’ve decided that a week from tomorrow I’m going to do the Whole 30 program.

It’s going to require some things from me that are outside of my comfort zone- but I see that as a good thing.    Planning what we are going to eat ahead of time-    (which I’m generally a wake up and decide based on my mood what we’ll eat that day) plus making sure I set myself up for success.    I won’t be testing any recipes during that time-  which means I won’t need to ‘sample’ anything.

Eating fruits, vegetables and meats won’t be the struggle for me.  I love all the things that are ‘allowed’, but it’s the lack of dairy that has me concerned.   I drink milk in my coffee each day-  plus my breakfast is always quark with granola and nuts.   So those things will take an adjustment.    I keep repeating to myself: I can do anything for 30 days.   Well, maybe not ‘anything’, but you get my drift.  It’s doable!

One of my friends is already doing the Whole 30 and she’s rocking it thus far.   So I’m sure we will be bouncing thoughts off each other if needed, and cheering each other on as we go.

You may wonder-   Why on earth is she writing about this?  Well, the reason why is because I’m going to be sharing my experience.   Mostly to hold myself accountable and to share how it makes me feel from day to day.

Lately I’ve been feeling very sluggish, so I’m hoping that this reset will help that.   So feel free to follow my progress if you’d like-  the good, bad, and ugly.


These Shoes are Made For Walkin’

June 24th, 2014

For a little longer than a week now, I’ve been walking 6 days a week-  4+ miles a day.    It feels amazing.   There are mornings when the alarm goes off for my walking adventure, that I think ‘ughhh, I’d rather sleep that extra hour’- but I push through- grab a cup of java through squinted eyes and slowly come to life.    Some days I walk alone, and others I have a companion or two.    It’s great to have friends who are literally around the corner who are also committed to walking and getting more exercise, so it adds some friend bonding time into the mix.   It’s a win-win all the way around.

My goal is to eventually boost the walks to twice a day-  which I’ll probably do after another couple of weeks- but right now- I’m not creating unrealistic goals- but instead doing something I enjoy and feeling fantastic.    Every choice matters-   and this is one that has me not only feeling better- but I’m certain I’m looking better.

What’s your favorite exercise routine?

100 Happy Days

June 16th, 2014

If you know me in my real life-  then you know that I am focused on the ‘good stuff’ as some would call it.    It doesn’t mean that every day is perfect, but it means that I take the time to find something positive in every single day-   even those that seem like there is no positive.    Trust me when I say-  there is always a positive.

So, when I heard about the “100 Happy Days” challenge, I decided that it was right up my ‘happiness’ alley-   It isn’t something that is hard for me, because technically- it’s already part of my life-  so a little extra happy is always great!     day1

A friend actually shared about the challenge- with the quip that she’d signed up and would start on the 16th of June.    Several of us quickly decided to join her, and also chose today as the start date.

Today was that day-  and I spent the morning walking with a friend who lives just around the corner.   Afterwards, we had coffee and a continuation of the gabfest we started on our walk.    So not only was I getting my ‘happy’ on, but also my ‘healthy’.    Good stuff!

In addition to sharing them publically on Facebook with the hashtag #100happydays, I’ll also be sharing them daily here, and on Instagram.

If you’d like to join in the happy-  check out to sign up and give your own happy a boost!


Zippity Do Dah Day

August 5th, 2013

The title represents the way I’m feeling.   So many great things happening around me and I’m happy.   I’ve met some seriously amazing people recently- and life just keeps getting better.     Opportunities are knocking,  networking has been great, and so many exciting things brewing that I can’t contain my excitement.

The day was absolutely beautiful today- and I spent a while out in the sunshine walking with my new walking partner and friend.  We walked seven miles- and then sat in her garden, drank water and chatted.  It was glorious.

Life is beautiful in every way.    Tonight- I’m home alone and I love having the balance between work, family and friends- plus “ME” time.  I know some people can’t stand being alone, but me, I find my company pretty fantabulous.    Joyous-  that’s a good way to describe how I’m feeling.    Right now- I’m taking my joyous self to the bathroom for a cool bath..

Tomorrow- more great stuff and more travel plans in the making.    Vacation is drawing closer.

The Sky is the Limit

July 3rd, 2013

Most of you know that a few months ago I invested in a Fitbit One so that I could have a more visual idea of the type of daily activity I was getting.   I absolutely love it.   I will admit that I’m still getting used to remembering to put it on- since I tend to change several times throughout the day- and I don’t always remember to switch it from one pair of pants to the next, but it has made a huge difference in my activity levels.

For various reasons I’ve been less active this year and I knew it was time to make some changes to get me back towards my goals of continued good health- and of course, shedding a few pounds.    It has taken a lot of thought and self-examination, but I’m finally there- on the journey that I want to be on.     The great thing is that I kept ‘wishing’ to meet some people in my area with the same health goals- and wouldn’t you know- a few weeks ago that happened.     The sky is the limit.



On the Road to a Healthier Me

March 20th, 2013

One of my goals this year was to continue on my journey to good health in both mind and body. I’m far from perfect and know that I don’t have to be (which is huge lesson I’ve learned over the last few years), but I do have a few goals that I am working towards. Getting more exercise is definitely one of those goals. I was doing quite a bit more activity towards the end of last year, but I’m working towards building up my strength and getting back to a regular daily routine. I’m actually looking forward to it. I’ve invested in a kettle bell, plus I’ve got the elliptical and walking/running, so that’s a step in the right direction. I walked a little with JJ yesterday- It wasn’t far, but it was what my energy levels allowed and even though tired when I was done, it felt good. Baby steps- thats what I keep telling myself.

Aside from moving more and making regular healthy food choices- I’ve started taking vitamins again. I used my pal Google to find more information on what would work best for me, and I’ll be taking a vitamin regularly. Several years go I took them daily and it was one of those things I just got out of the habit of doing- same with drinking green tea daily. It’s also on my list.

The older I get the more I realize the importance of taking care of our bodies and self in general. We only have one life- and one body. We should treat them well. After all, we are all worth it.

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